Friday, March 15, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 35

Fancy pulled the cigarette out from her lips, nestling it between two fingers. “You’re a friend of Lindie’s?”
“More like an acquaintance,” said Rainy, for some reason she knew lying to Fancy would be a short road over a cliff of no answers. “She called me for answers, but was interrupted. I just need to know she’s okay.”
“Why would you have the answers?” asked Fancy.
Rainy sighed. “Because I work for a psychic hotline.”
Fancy gasped and then smiled. “You’re a psychic? Well, hot dog! What can you tell me? Do I get out of this crap hole? Do I win the lottery? Do I at least find a rich old man to love me until he croaks, leaving me everything?”
Hoyte chuckled a little. “It doesn’t work like that, but if you let us know what room Ms. Richards is in. I promise I’ll come back next week with my tarot cards and give you a free reading.”
Fancy’s smile faded. “How do I know you’ll come back?”
“You have my word,” said Hoyte.
“And we did help you off the floor,” Rainy added quickly, knowing Fancy didn’t live in a world where a person’s word meant anything.
Fancy nodded. “Okay, but you better not be here to harass her with some kind of warrant or subpoena or anything. I have a reputation to uphold and that reputation doesn’t involve me turning people into the cops or courts.”
“We’re not,” said Rainy. “I honestly just want to make sure she’s okay.”
“She’s in room 9 at that end of the building, but it’ll look like a 6. The top screw fell out and I haven’t gotten around to screwing it back in.”
“Thank you,” said Rainy as she and Hoyte headed for the door.
“Lindie is a good kid,” Fancy hollered at them, “but she needs someone to look out for her. I hope you two are what you say you are.”
“We are,” said Rainy, with a final nod of thanks as they hurried out the door and towards room 9.
Neither of them said a word as they made their way to the room, but Rainy could feel the tension. “What should we say?”
“I think we should be honest,” said Hoyte. “She did call you twice.”
Rainy nodded as they stopped in front of the door. “Here we go.”
She knocked softly and was surprised when the door was jerked open by a large man. Hoyte took a step in front of Rainy and she could have sworn he puffed out his chest and stood a little taller.
“Is Lindie here?” Hoyte asked.
“Who’s asking?” barked the man.
“I’m her friend,” Rainy said, taking a small step so the man could see her better. “I just want to make sure she’s okay.”
“Lindie doesn’t have any friends,” said the man, “so are you cops? Or does she owe you money?”
“Neither,” said Hoyte, firmly, “we’re just here to make sure she’s okay. We don’t want any trouble.”
“You asked for trouble the minute you knocked on my door,” said the man, scowling at Hoyte. He turned his attention to Rainy. “Your voice does sound familiar. Why?”
Rainy shrugged. “Look, I just wanted to check on Lindie. If she’s not here I’ll come back later.”
“Why would she need checking on?” asked the man. “And how would you know?”
“Because she hasn’t been in Super Foods lately,” said Rainy. Once the words were out of her mouth she heard Hoyte inhale sharply. She shouldn’t have told the man where she really worked. It was a rookie mistake, of course she was a rookie, she wasn’t even a rookie, she was wannabe cop or super hero or something.
“Lindie doesn’t shop at Super Foods,” said the man. “I do the shopping and as you can see she lives in a motel, so she’s not exactly stocking up. Funny thing is, I’m also looking for Lindie, so it seems we have a situation.”

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