Friday, March 1, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 31

Rainy bit her lip. She wanted nothing more but to make sure Clover was okay, but she was still angry at Ned for lying to her.
“Fine. You stay here and look after Clover, but you tell her nothing about what’s going on with me or where I’m at,” said Rainy. “You know, just keep lying to her. You’re good at that.”
“Low blow,” said Ned, “but I deserve it. I really wanted to tell you the truth Rainy. I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me. I’m really sorry.”
Rainy felt a slight tug at her heart strings. She wanted to forgive Ned. She really did value his friendship and he had gotten her through some crazy times at the store, not to mention coming through with information on Lindie Richards so quickly.
“Fine, I forgive you,” said Rainy, “only because you are about the nicest guy I’ve ever met. How you got mixed up with Hoyte I don’t want to know, but maybe think about the company you keep when they ask you to lie for them.”
“Hey,” said Hoyte, mocking shock, “you know what, she’s right, I’m a jerk for having you lie. Now can we please go see about this Richards lady so we can save your life?”
“We are not going anywhere,” said Rainy. “Ned is going to look after Clover. I’m going to talk to Lindie Richards and you are going home or to your salon or wherever you famous psychics hang out after hours.”
“Rainy Primrose Summerfield.”
Rainy cringed at her full name, it was only ever used when she was in trouble and only used by her father who was no longer among the living.

Chapter 9

Rainy looked over at Hoyte. He stood motionless, his emerald eyes so dark one would think they were black. She had seen him like this one time before. He was in a trance and someone from the beyond was talking through him. At that time she thought it was a parlor trick, but now as those unblinking glassy eyes stared in her direction, she wasn’t sure.
“Rainy, you can’t be serious,” the voice came from Hoyte’s mouth but it was no longer a deep baritone, but a tenor. A tenor that used to be fun loving and worry free. A tenor that sang her to sleep at night and discussed her problems with her over cocoa until they were solved. It was a tenor that told her ‘I love you’ every time he had the chance.
“Dad?” Rainy felt her voice hiccup.
“Yes,” said Hoyte matter-of-factly, “you’ll have to apologize to Mr. Morgan when I’m through here but I couldn’t just stand by and let you make a huge mistake.”
“Dad, are you okay? Is Mom there?” Rainy had so many questions she wanted to ask her parents. Was she doing a good job with Clover? Were they always looking over her? Was he a ghost?
“I know you have a lot of questions and if Mr. Morgan is willing at a later date I will gladly make the journey to the other side to discuss these questions with you, but right now your life is in danger and you need to stop being foolish.”
“Foolish?” Rainy’s voice continued to crack.
“I know this is a lot,” said her father, his voice growing tender, “but you need to let Hoyte help you with this one. You were always going about trying to do things on your own, never worrying about the danger. You have to worry about the danger now, bug.”

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