Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 30

Rainy felt a tiny pang in her heart at the thought of not being friends with Ned. Hired babysitter or not, she did really like the guy.
“Okay, well you should have told me when we became friends,” said Rainy. “You consider Clover and I family, then you should have told me.”
“You’re right,” said Ned.
“I was paying him a lot of money not to,” said Hoyte. “This is my fault.”
“Oh, I haven’t even started on you yet,” said Rainy, anger growing in her chest. “Do you realize what a gross breech of privacy this is? You do not hire someone to follow your ex around, it’s creepy and I’m pretty sure it’s stalking and where I’m not familiar with stalking laws, I’m pretty sure this is illegal.”
“It’s not,” said Hoyte. “I checked with my lawyer first.”
Rainy huffed. “Well it should be!”
“This conversation is not over, but I need to put it on hold or I will totally lose my sh …” she stopped and took a deep breath. “I need your help for Clover, so I’m willing to put this aside for now.”
“Clover?” Ned’s face turned from embarrassment to concern. “What’s wrong with her?”
“Nothing,” said Rainy, “it’s me we need to worry about.”
Hoyte made coffee as Rainy filled Ned in on what had happened as they sat at the dining table. She told him everything about the side tarot reading business and how she witnessed his teeth falling out. She had to admit she got a little pleasure from how green his face got as she told him in great detail what she saw. Served him right for lying to her.
Once she was finished she leaned back in her chair feeling exhausted, as if half her life was already gone. For all she knew it already was.
Ned flipped open his laptop and started typing.
“Do you think you can find the woman?” asked Hoyte, bringing over the coffee pot and filling three mugs.
“I don’t know if I can find the woman, but I can find the phone number she called the hotline with easy enough,” said Ned.
“It’s all encrypted,” said Rainy. “How long is it going …”
“Done,” said Ned, he turned the computer to where she could see the number and the billing address and name attached to the number.
“Lindie Richards,” Rainy whispered hearing the woman’s frantic voice in her head. “I hope that you are okay.”
Ned turned the computer back towards him and typed some more keys. “I have her credit card information here, looks like she’s staying at a hotel on the east side of town, one of those pay by the hour types. She used it just this morning.”
Rainy’s mouth dropped open.
Ned shrugged a little. “I’m very good at what I do.”
“Do I want to know if what you do is legal?” asked Rainy.
“Probably not,” said Ned.
She let out a huffy sigh. “Okay, well, thanks for your help. I’m sure you’re needed at the Food Saver. I’m going to go see about Lindie Richards.”
“Food Saver?” Ned laughed. “I dropped that job the minute Hoyte texted me that the gig was up. I’m going with you.”
“No,” said Hoyte, “you’re not.”
“Finally, something sensible has come out of your mouth,” said Rainy. “I’ll call you both when I’m back and this whole thing is behind me.”
“No,” Hoyte said again. “I’m going with you. Ned is going to stay here and make sure Clover is safe.”
Ned nodded. “You’re right, I’ll stay here and see what else I can find on Lindie Richards, plus keep Clover safe.”
Rainy bit her lip. She wanted nothing more but to make sure Clover was okay, but she was still angry at Ned for lying to her.
“Fine. You stay here and look after Clover, but you tell her nothing about what’s going on with me or where I’m at,” said Rainy. “You know, just keep lying to her. You’re good at that.”

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