Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 29

He parked in front of her apartment building. “Rainy, you should know that I never stopped looking after you.”
“Cards?” asked Rainy. She was sure that Hoyte meant that he looked to see how she was doing using his Tarot cards.
“You’ll see,” he said as he got out of the truck and headed toward the building. Rainy shook her head and followed. Hoyte could be mysterious with his clients, it was part of the persona, but he usually let that drop when he was talking to her.
Rainy gave Hoyte the side eye as he rubbed his jaw. That was his tale that he was nervous. It was rare that Hoyte was ever nervous, and the fact that he was now made her anxious.
“Shouldn’t we wait outside for your tech guy?” she asked.
“He’s upstairs,” said Hoyte.
Rainy wasn’t sure what to say. It wasn’t as if her apartment had a doorman or even a locked front door where you needed to get buzzed in, but it was odd to her that the tech guy was waiting upstairs and knew which apartment to go to.
She sighed heavily and went through the door Hoyte had opened for her. She led the way to her apartment and stopped in her tracks when she saw Ned leaning against the door a large messenger bag draped over his shoulder.
“Hey,” he said, looking a little shy.
“Hey,” Rainy said back, cocking her head. She started walking again. “Are you here to check on me again? I told you I was fine.” She motioned back to Hoyte. “See I even have a friend with me.”
Hoyte walked past Rainy and shook Ned’s hand. “Thanks for coming.”
“Thanks for …” Rainy felt her jaw fall open. She crossed her arms as she found her voice. “What is going on?”
“Don’t be mad,” said Ned.
“Which usually means a person will be,” said Rainy.
“Ned is my computer guy,” said Hoyte. “He works for me.”
Rainy narrowed her eyes. “How do you mean? As in he does odd tech jobs for you.”
“As in he hired me to look after you and Clover,” Ned said with a sigh, but then quickly added. “But before you say anything, could I just say that this is the best assignment I’ve ever had? I mean besides working at Super Foods, glad that’s over. Getting to know you and Clover, this has never been a job. Even if Hoyte would have fired me, I would have still looked after you to. You both are like family to me now.”
“Family huh?” Rainy snapped as she pushed past Ned and Hoyte and opened her apartment door. She glared at both the men before gesturing for them to go inside. She was mad. No, she was pissed. How dare Ned spy on her and how dare Hoyte hire him to do so, but she needed their help. She needed to fix this so Clover wouldn’t be left alone. After the cards showed her living a full life she would smack them both.
After the men walked in she closed the door and again crossed her arms. “First, no more lies.” She looked at Ned. “You should have been honest with me from the very beginning.”
“Then we wouldn’t have gotten to know each other,” said Ned. “We wouldn’t be friends.”
Rainy felt a tiny pang in her heart at the thought of not being friends with Ned. Hired babysitter or not, she did really like the guy.
“Okay, well you should have told me when we became friends,” said Rainy. “You consider Clover and I family, then you should have told me.”
“You’re right,” said Ned.
“I was paying him a lot of money not to,” said Hoyte. “This is my fault.”

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