Friday, February 8, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 28

“I’m not feeling sorry for myself,” yelled Rainy, her voice snapping back with anger.
“You are,” countered Hoyte, before softening his voice, “Rainy, we have to fight this. What’s the worst that could happen? You die? Fine,” he said and added a humorless chuckle. “If you die, then you can haunt me from beyond and tell me a thousand times a day that you were right and I was wrong. But what’s the harm in trying to change fate, in daring destiny that if she wants you then she’ll have to fight for you.”
Rainy hated how much he was right. She was feeling sorry for herself, even if she had every right to. She was also giving up before they had even started to come up with a solution. “So what do we do?”
“We find the woman that called you,” said Hoyte as he started toward his desk.
“We can’t,” said Rainy following him. “I already told you that the place I work for has it all encrypted and they won’t violate the customer’s privacy.”
“We can get around all that if we know the right person and I just happen to have the perfect person on standby for this type of thing,” said Hoyte as he grabbed his cell phone out of the top drawer in his desk. “I’ll text him and have him meet us at your house.”
“You have a guy on standby to keep people from dying?” Rainy raised an eyebrow as they headed for Hoyte’s office door.
Hoyte laughed, this time humor finding his voice. “I can navigate my way around a computer, but I know in this day and age I need a tech expert and I have the best.”
“Of course you do,” said Rainy.
“If you can afford the best, you hire the best,” said Hoyte as they entered the salon hallway.
Rainy felt his arrogance coming back into his voice as if leaving the confinement of the office meant he had to put on a certain face in case his employees or customers heard him. “Merlin.”
Merlin seemed to appear out of nowhere. “Yes, sir.”
“Tell Holly to reschedule all my appointments for the week. I’ll be out of touch, so you will be in charge.”
“You can count on me,” said Merlin, giving Hoyte a little bow.
“Did he just bow to you?” Rainy whispered as she rose an eyebrow.
“It’s part of his uniqueness,” said Hoyte. “He wouldn’t be Merlin without some flamboyance. Let’s go, my guy is waiting on us at your apartment.”
“Already?” asked Rainy as Hoyte steered her toward the back door.
Hoyte didn’t answer and as they drove to her apartment in his car, a black extended cab truck, loaded with features, but not the flashy vehicle Rainy expected, they said little to each other.
“I’m glad you came to me,” said Hoyte, breaking the silence.
“Well, I’m glad you didn’t turn me away at the door,” said Rainy. “You had every right to. I’m sorry I came in with a chip on my shoulder.”
He parked in front of her apartment building. “Rainy, you should know that I never stopped looking after you.”
“Cards?” asked Rainy. She was sure that Hoyte meant that he looked to see how she was doing using his Tarot cards.
“You’ll see,” he said as he got out of the truck and headed toward the building. Rainy shook her head and followed. Hoyte could be mysterious with his clients, it was part of the persona, but he usually let that drop when he was talking to her.

Rainy gave Hoyte the side eye as he rubbed his jaw. That was his tale that he was nervous. It was rare that Hoyte was ever nervous, and the fact that he was now made her anxious.

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