Friday, February 1, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 26

He reached over and took her hand again. “It’s okay, we already knew that. Now let’s find some answers.”
He withdrew his hand as Rainy nodded. He flipped the card above The Tower. “Ten of Cups, again we already knew you are highly influenced by your relationship with Clover. She brings you joy and the two of you have a sense of harmony in your lives. Now, for the obstacles.” He turned the card over that sat at the top of the horseshoe. “The Devil.”
Rainy gasped. She knew the card didn’t mean literally the devil, but whatever was standing in her way stood for greed, addiction, and enslavement. She couldn’t help but think of the woman on the phone. She was being held against her will, that much was clear.
“Okay,” said Hoyte as he exhaled, “I don’t think either of us thought this would be easy. The woman you spoke with over the phone is defiantly in trouble and whatever is happening with her is against the law. Would it be possible for the man who got on the line to know who you are and where you live?”
Rainy shook her head. “I don’t think so. I go by a pseudonym and I’m sure my place of employment wouldn’t give out that information to a stranger. I couldn’t even get the woman’s address to give to the police.”
“Good point,” said Hoyte, he flipped over the next card, “the Nine of Swords.”
“That means anxiety, fear, or stress,” said Rainy, “how are those external factors?”
“To me it means that the biggest hurdle we have is getting past your emotions,” said Hoyte. “With the other cards I’m not discounting someone trying to stop us, but our biggest obstacle is you stopping us.”
“Why would I?” Rainy shook her head. “I don’t want to die.”
“You also don’t want to believe that you could,” said Hoyte. “You don’t want to believe that the signs are true or you would have come to me immediately. You have to be brave enough to face the truth, not only about the future, but about who you really are.”
“I’m not talking about this again, Hoyte,” said Rainy. She pointed to the tarot spread. “Next.”
Hoyte flipped up the next card exposing the Eight of Wands. “Looks like we need to be aggressive, take the bull by the horns and we need to do it quickly.”
“But how?” asked Rainy, “I can’t get the woman’s location from the psychic hotline, so I can’t save her or myself.”
“That’s the Nine of Swords talking,” said Hoyte with a smirk. “Let’s just see what the last card holds, the outcome of this whole ordeal.”
He flipped over the Death card. Rainy sucked in a breath even though she knew the Death card didn’t mean literal death, just like the Devil card didn’t mean she’d be fighting the devil. It was more a symbol for a transition of some sort, one thing ending while another begins. Even though she knew the true meaning, seeing the Death card staring at her didn’t make her less nervous.
“That settles it,” said Hoyte, leaning back in his chair, “the outcome will be in our favor and we will change the cards. These omens are not about death, but about you transitioning into the beautiful spiritual butterfly you are inside.”
Rainy rolled her eyes, causing Hoyte to laugh. He nodded. “Yes, that was cheesy. I was just trying to break up the ominous mood.”
“It’s hard not to feel ominous after all the signs pointing to my death,” said Rainy. She reached out and touched the death card. The card shuttered and Rainy jerked her hand back.
“Did you see that?” she asked.
Hoyte nodded. “Touch it again.”
Rainy did. The card shuttered again, almost acting like a person shivering in the cold. A phantom scream pierced the room as the card faded to black and then shriveled up into ash.

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