Friday, January 25, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 25

“Why didn’t you come to me for a job?” he asked. “I told you when you left the first time that there would always be a spot for you here. I had hoped that when I saw you coming to see me today that that was your reason.”
“Given the real reason,” said Rainy with an awkward chuckle, “I wish it was that, but Hoyte I’m not a real psychic. I have a small amount of intuition and you tried to force something that wasn’t me the last time. I’d rather answer calls on a psychic hotline than be pressured and exploited as something I’m not.”
“You felt as if I was exploiting you?” Hoyte’s eyebrows raised.
“Maybe not exploiting, yet, but you were pushing me to that point.”
“Rainy,” Hoyte said softly, “you are more than just intuitive. You have a great power. I was just trying to help you to not only see it, but to own it.”
“The only thing I need to take ownership of is the care of my sister and I can’t do that if I’m dead,” snapped Rainy. “Would you please just read the cards.”
Hoyte reached over and grabbed her shaking hands. “I’m sorry.”
She politely pulled them away, not wanting to feel the tingle of excitement she knew came with Hoyte’s touch. “No, I’m sorry. I haven’t slept well and I’m worried, Hoyte. We may not agree on my level of intuition, but the signs don’t lie. There are just too many of them to be a coincidence, unless the universe is playing a very cruel game of April fool’s in March.”
She gave him a weak smile.
“I understand,” said Hoyte, “there’s nothing to forgive. I’d be at my wit’s end as well if I saw what you’ve described to me. I am sorry I pushed you. I’m sorry I didn’t listen before and I want you to know I’m here for you now. I’ll listen and we’ll figure this out together.”
“Thank you,” said Rainy.
Hoyte handed her a deck of tarot cards. “Breathe deeply and think about Clover. Close your eyes and see light over the dark. Inhale … Exhale. Now shuffle the cards until you’re ready to stop. Try your best to keep your heart light.”
Rainy did as she was told.
Hoyte closed his eyes and placed his hands on the table palms up. “To the spiritual bodies that currently surround us. We ask that you bring only light and answers. This is an area of peace, those bodies wanting to do harm are not welcome in this place. Spiritual bodies as we come to you in our time of need, we welcome your wise words and appreciate your guidance.”
Rainy felt some of the weight lift off her shoulders as a feeling of peace engulfed the room. She knew the answers Hoyte would get would be true, any malice having been vanquished from the area.
She placed the cards in front of Hoyte as he opened his eyes. Without another word he laid the cards out, face down, in a seven card horseshoe spread. He flipped over the bottom left.
“The Nine of Cups,” said Hoyte, “your past was a happy one, your cups full.”
Rainy smiled. Her past had been happy, especially before her parents died. Even though she had some stress raising Clover on her own, she had to admit she was content with life. As long as she had her sister, she didn’t need much else.
He flipped over the card above the Nine of Cups and furrowed his brow. “The Tower.”
“Danger,” whispered Rainy.
He reached over and took her hand again. “It’s okay, we already knew that. Now let’s find some answers.”
He withdrew his hand as Rainy nodded. He flipped the card above The Tower. “Ten of Cups, again we already knew you are highly influenced by your relationship with Clover. She brings you joy and the two of you have a sense of harmony in your lives. Now, for the obstacles.” He turned the card over that sat at the top of the horseshoe. “The Devil.”

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