Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 24

Rainy followed as he sat at his desk and opened his web browser. He quickly typed in a search for the beetle. Rainy sat the bug on his desk under the desk lamp. Sure enough as the picture displayed on his computer screen it showed a replica of the bug on his desk.
“It can’t be,” said Hoyte.
“It is,” said Rainy, “it’s not only the beetle though. Yesterday I had visions, one of my friend’s teeth falling out and another of a black butterfly tattoo flying off of a woman’s arm. Then on my way home I saw a black dog and three ravens.”
Hoyte rubbed his beard, concern in his eyes. “That’s a lot of death omens. Have you been to the doctor?”
“I don’t think this is health related,” said Rainy. She shook her head as she turned and leaned on his desk. She couldn’t face him while she explained the rest. To see the worry in his eyes would spark the panic that threatened to overtake her entire body. “I’ve been working for a psychic hotline.”
She ignored his audible groan.
“I needed the extra cash to make ends meet,” she explained quickly.
“Then you should’ve come here for a job,” stated Hoyte.
She looked at him and rolled her eyes. “You know why I didn’t, but that’s not the point. Night before last I got a call from a woman in trouble. Unfortunately the call ended and due to privacy laws and the policies of where I work, I couldn’t find out her address or let the police know. I did a reading for myself after that call and turned up black cards.”
“Black cards?”
“Let me finish,” said Rainy. “I did my best to shake it off, but couldn’t. I tried to go about my day as normal and that’s when I saw the omens. Again I tried to shake them off.”
“Rainy, you can’t ignore the signs.”
“I know, Hoyte,” said Rainy, “but I tried anyway. The woman called back last night and as she tried to ask me for help a man came in. He got on the phone. I disconnected as fast as I could, but when I did a reading my whole oracle deck was black.”
She glanced at Hoyte. He sat back in his chair looking defeated.
“Now, I find this beetle in your office,” she continued. “A beetle that shouldn’t even be in this country … a beetle that symbolizes death. That is why I’m here. I need your help. I have to stop this.”
Hoyte gave her a solid nod. “Okay, first things first. We need to do a reading.”
Rainy straightened up. She knew Hoyte would want to do one, but her nerves still buzzed with fear. What would it mean if his cards also turned black?
She walked over to the reading table, her legs feeling like lead. Hoyte placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.
“It’ll be okay,” he said, his eyes soft with both concern and compassion. “We’ll figure this out.”
Rainy nodded as she sat down. She folded her hands together to keep them from shaking.
“In order to have a clear reading I need to clear my head of a few things,” said Hoyte.
“Okay.” Rainy waited. She knew Hoyte often meditated before readings he thought might be difficult, but to her surprise he didn’t close his eyes to meditate but looked right at her.
“Why didn’t you come to me for a job?” he asked. “I told you when you left the first time that there would always be a spot for you here. I had hoped that when I saw you coming to see me today that that was your reason.”
“Given the real reason,” said Rainy with an awkward chuckle, “I wish it was that, but Hoyte I’m not a real psychic. I have a small amount of intuition and you tried to force something that wasn’t me the last time. I’d rather answer calls on a psychic hotline than be pressured and exploited as something I’m not.”
“You felt as if I was exploiting you?” Hoyte’s eyebrows raised.

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