Friday, January 18, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 23

He gave Hoyte a nod before exiting the room and closing the door behind him.
Rainy sighed. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come. I’ve interrupted your business, which I can see has grown leaps and bounds. You’re doing very well for yourself and I know your time is valuable. I’ll see myself out.”
She walked towards the door.
“Rainy,” he said, in his deep baritone that always gave Rainy the good kind of goosebumps, especially when his tone was soft as it was now.  “Please.”
She sighed as she turned around. Hoyte stood and walked around his desk.
“I know why you came,” he said.
“Of course you do,” said Rainy, knowing she wasn’t hiding her sarcasm. Hoyte was always reading her, no matter how many times she had asked him not to.
“Rainy, it’s not what you think,” said Hoyte.
Click. Click. Click.
  “Of course it isn’t,” said Rainy as she looked around the room for the clicking noise. The sound was deafening.
Click. Click. Click.
“I knew you’d see your full potential and come to me for help,” said Hoyte.
Click. Click. Click. Click.
“Nope,” said Rainy, struggling to concentrate. She started to walk around the room, letting her ears lead her to the source of the noise, which started to get louder and faster.
Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.
“What are you doing?” asked Hoyte.
“Don’t you hear it?” asked Rainy.
“Hear what?”
Rainy could hear the annoyance in his voice and held up a single finger gesturing for him to be quiet for a minute.
Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.
Walking to the bookcase, Rainy knelt on the floor and squinted her eyes in the soft light.
“Rainy, get off the floor,” demanded Hoyte. “I don’t know what you’re doing, but this is ridiculous.”
Ignoring Hoyte, she continued to search until her eyes fell upon a beetle. As she picked it up, the beetle curled its legs and head, pretending to be dead. Cupping it gently in her palm, she got to her feet.
“You didn’t hear anything?” she asked Hoyte again.
He shook his head. “What did you find?”
Rainy studied the beetle as she walked toward Hoyte. It was medium-sized and brown with sandy flecks and appeared almost furry. She wasn’t an expert in insects, but her Google search from the day before had brought up this very beetle.
She stretched out her open palm to show Hoyte. “This is why I’ve come.”
“It’s a bug,” said Hoyte, a slight wrinkle to his nose.
“Not just a bug,” said Rainy, “a deathwatch beetle.”

Chapter 7

“A deathwatch beetle?” Hoyte leaned over her palm for a closer look at the bug. “That can’t be.”
“I’m pretty sure,” said Rainy. “I saw a picture of one yesterday when I was looking up death omens.”
“Why were you looking up death omens?” asked Hoyte, “And if you had read up on deathwatch beetles, you would know that they are a European insect. They don’t live here in the U.S.”
“You have a computer,” said Rainy, feeling the annoyance seeping through her voice. “Look it up.”
Hoyte huffed as he walked to his computer. “Bring it here.”
Rainy followed as he sat at his desk and opened his web browser. He quickly typed in a search for the beetle. Rainy sat the bug on his desk under the desk lamp. Sure enough as the picture displayed on his computer screen it showed a replica of the bug on his desk.
“It can’t be,” said Hoyte.

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