Friday, January 11, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 21

“Yes, ma’am,” said the receptionist. “We don’t tell the future, we heal the soul. If you’re looking for a fortune teller, there’s a good one down the street. She’ll tell you what you want to hear and you’ll walk away happy, but only for a bit. Here we’ll help you find happiness for a lifetime, and maybe even two lifetimes. Can I get your name?”
Rainy stared at the receptionist dumfounded and found herself telling the woman her name.
“Wait,” said the receptionist, standing. “The Rainy Summerfield?”
Rainy could feel herself blushing. “Well, I don’t know about the the part, but that is my name.”
“Why didn’t you say so from the beginning?” snapped the receptionist. She tapped her headset and talked to someone on the other end. “She’s here … yeah that she.”
Nerves began to flood Rainy’s body. What exactly had Hoyte told his employees about her? She figured it was security that the receptionist was speaking to.
“You know, I’ll just go.” She turned back towards the door. Coming to Hoyte had been a mistake, she would just need to figure it out on her own. She could do that … in fact, she should just go to the police and tell them what she knows and be done with it. Forget the death omens and black cards, the call had nothing to do with her other than the fact that she happened to be the person who got funneled the call through the system.
“No!” cried the receptionist. Rainy turned in time to see the receptionist hurry out from behind her desk. “You can’t do that. He’ll fire me.”
“What?” Rainy shook her head. “Why? I don’t understand.”
“He knew you were coming,” the receptionist explained. “He told me that if you came in to send you back immediately, so that’s what I’m doing.” She placed a hand on Rainy’s back and gently pushed her towards the door that led to the back of the salon. “Sending you to the back.”
“I still don’t understand,” said Rainy as the receptionist continued to steer her.
“Oh, honey, none of us understand how Hoyte does what he does, but he’s always right,” said the receptionist. “Always.”
“He reads people,” Rainy said flatly wondering why she was dissing Hoyte when she had come to him for help. The truth was he was the best at reading people and signs than anyone in the state, maybe even the country. That is why she had come to him, but he knew he was the best and thought everyone should be just like him.  
“Yes, he gives people readings,” the receptionist repeated as if Rainy was talking about tarot readings and not just reading the signs that people subconsciously give away about themselves. It was a lot more about observations and a lot less about supernatural ability.
Before Rainy could correct how the receptionist had taken her statement, she was pushed through the door and had her arm looped into that of a man’s she didn’t know. She stared at him, he had spikey black hair, a nose piercing, and more eye liner on than she ever wore.
“Miss Rainy,” said the man, “I’m Merlin.”
“Merlin?” Rainy cocked her head.
Merlin smiled. “Yes, it’s a family name. We’ve all been blessed with the gift of foresight, just as I foresaw you coming here today.”

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