Friday, December 21, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 19

“Hello, thank you for calling Lotus Psychic Source. This is Blossom Moonlight. How can I help you today?”
“Oh thank god it’s you,” cried a woman on the other end.
Rainy’s blood went cold as she recognized the voice from the night before it had been the woman in trouble.
“I’m so glad you called back. Are you okay?”
“No,” the woman whispered.
Rainy put the oracles cards down, she didn’t need any spiritual guidance this time. “Listen very carefully, you need to get out of there. Make an excuse and leave.”
“He’ll find me,” the woman cried.
“No,” said Rainy, “there are places you can hide. Go to the police and they will keep you safe.”
“No one can keep me safe,” said the woman.
“You have to get out of there,” encouraged Rainy. “Just run, anywhere. You think you won’t be safe if you leave, but I’m telling you right now that you are not safe if you stay, that’s guaranteed. Get out. Get out now!”
She heard the woman cry out and the other end of the phone became a muffled mess of sounds. Rainy listened carefully, trying to hear any clues that could help her know what was happening. The other line went silent.
“Hello?” Rainy called out. “Are you there?”
Rainy listened, she hoped to hear breathing, crying, anything that would let her know the woman was at least still alive. She held her own breath and closed her eyes, praying for a miracle.
A scream pierced the line making Rainy jump and return her own startled scream. “Hello! Hello? Anyone, pick up the phone. Are you okay?”
She heard more muffles. “Who is this?”
This time Rainy was met with the gruff voice of a man.
“The woman I was talking to,” Rainy stammered. “Is she okay?”
“Who is this?” the man asked again.
“Just please tell me she’s okay,” said Rainy, feeling tears running down her cheeks.
“If you don’t tell me who you are right now, I’ll track you down and kill everyone you know,” snarled the man.
Rainy disconnected the call. Her mind turned to Clover as her heart ached for the woman who had called. She picked up her cards, turned them over, and saw the entire deck had turned black.

Chapter 6

Rainy paced outside the psychic salon called Visions. She knew she had to go inside. Knew she had to see help from the one person she wanted to avoid. She also knew had no other choice. If anyone could tell her what the black cards met or didn’t mean, it would be Hoyte.
He was the most gifted psychic she had ever met, it was just too bad that he was also her ex-boyfriend. Her cell phone dinged with a text notification. Appreciating the reason to procrastinate a little longer she looked at her phone and saw the text was from Ned.
Rainy bit her lip. She wanted to share with Ned, but knew she couldn’t. People treated her differently when they found out about her card reading. If they didn’t think she was worshipping the devil, they thought she was a total fruit cake for believing she had supernatural abilities. Of course he could be one of those people who once he found out, he would hound her endlessly for what would happen in the future. Most people stopped seeing Rainy for Rainy the minute they found out.

Jennifer is taking some time off to spend with her family over the holidays. Daring Destiny will return on January 8th with all new episodes. 

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