Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 18

“I still don’t know why you’re wasting your time at Super Foods,” said Rainy as she walked into the kitchen. “Can I help with something?”
“It’s just spaghetti,” said Ned. “You can make a salad and you like that I work at Super Foods. Face it, Rainy, I keep you sane.”
Rainy laughed and shook her head as she thought about the black butterfly tattoo and the vision of Ned’s teeth falling out.  “I don’t know about sane, especially after today, but you do keep me entertained.”
“Well, there you go,” said Ned, “that’s all the reason I need to stay at Super Foods.”
“Are you two dating?” asked Clover, her nose wrinkled.
Ned shook his head. “Better than that, we’re family.”
“We’re related?” Clover’s eyes widened.
“No,” said Rainy, giving Ned a thankful smile as he put dried spaghetti in the boiling water. “We’re friends who love each other like family. Now, come butter the garlic bread so we can get it in the oven.”
After supper, Rainy and Ned worked on cleaning up the kitchen while Clover went to her room to read a book for school.
“You really didn’t have to come over,” said Rainy, “but I’m glad you did.”
“And you should show your gratitude by telling me what happened today at the store,” said Ned.
“I told you, I’m just tired,” said Rainy. “I took my sleeping pill too late and I was seeing things. It was just my mind playing tricks on me.”
“Sounds plausible,” said Ned as he stacked the plates in the sink, “but I happen to know you aren’t on any sleeping pills.”
Rainy pulled a face. “And how would you know that?”
“Clover told me,” said Ned. “And when you lie your left eye twitches.”
“It does not,” said Rainy feeling her left eye twitch.
Ned laughed. “If you say so. Now spill it.”
Rainy shrugged. “There’s nothing to spill. Something scared me last night and I have an overactive imagination.”
She hoped her left eye wasn’t twitching, after all she wasn’t lying so much as to omitting a big part of what had happened.
Ned stared at her. “You’re overactive imagination caused you to see my teeth fall out?”
“My lack of sleep from being scared did,” said Rainy.
Ned nodded. “Okay, you’re not lying.”
“I have no reason to,” said Rainy. “I’ve slept and everything is fine. In fact, it’s so fine that I’ll do these dishes and you can get going. I’m sure you have other places to be tonight. I don’t need a babysitter.”
Ned looked at his watch. “I do have to be some place.”
“Go,” said Rainy, “thanks again for checking on me, but get out of my house.”
Ned laughed and playfully threw a dish towel at her. “Fine, I didn’t want to do your stinky dishes anyway. See you tomorrow at work?”
“Of course,” said Rainy.
She walked Ned out, finished the dishes, and then checked on Clover. Once again her little sister had fallen asleep with her headphones and desk lap on. Rainy turned off the lamp and headed to her own room. She needed to take some calls and make up for missing the shift at Super Foods.
Grabbing her oracle cards she shuffled and laid them out in a quick spread. They were normal, mimicking what the tarot cards had said earlier and none turned black. Rainy once again laughed at herself as she logged into the Lotus Psychic Source system to begin her shift.
Within a couple of minutes she was receiving her first call.
“Hello, thank you for calling Lotus Psychic Source. This is Blossom Moonlight. How can I help you today?”
“Oh thank god it’s you,” cried a woman on the other end.
Rainy’s blood went cold as she recognized the voice from the night before it had been the woman in trouble. 

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