Friday, December 14, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 17

Clicking on one of the websites, Rainy read through the superstitious beliefs. Some claimed the black butterfly had to fly to every corner of your house in order to be a symbol while others believed just seeing the creature meant certain doom. None of the websites she visited said anything about what a tattoo of one coming to life and flying at a person’s face meant.
Next she searched about Ned’s teeth falling out. Again she came up with numerous sites suggesting the vision or dream of a person’s teeth falling out meant one’s health was in jeopardy. Rainy wondered if it meant Ned’s health or her own, since she had had the vision.
“This is too much,” said Rainy as she typed in to search for black dogs and ravens, even though her gut was telling her they all foretold the same thing … death.

Chapter 5

Rainy sat the sage down in a ceramic bowl and lit a white candle. She had smudged the apartment three times and still wasn’t feeling better. The apartment continued to feel as if it had a dark thunderstorm hanging over it and the lighting was striking just above Rainy’s head, ready to strike her dead at any time.
“At this point Rainy, you’re going to make yourself sick inhaling all this sage,” she mumbled to herself.
Taking a deep breath she pulled out her deck of tarot cards. She wasn’t going to mess with the oracle cards this time, she was going to use her mother’s trusted deck of tarots. It was a deck she only used when she was struggling with a huge problem. It was a set that she had read a million times, knew by heart and above all trusted to guide her in the right direction.
Her heart raced as she shuffled the cards. She wanted nothing more than for the future to come up clear of death, or any other drama for that matter, her life was already full seeing to Clover, making sure they had food on the table and a roof over their heads.
She flipped the cards over in a classic spread and felt the dread lifting off her shoulders. The cards came up clear, reading as they would have before the dark night. Taking a deep breath, Rainy took in the cards. They told of struggles, but love of family conquered all. Smiling Rainy gathered the cards back into a neat pile before placing them in a silk bag.
Laughing at herself she put the tarot deck into a drawer before falling into her bed and drifting off into a deep sleep.

Rainy woke to the sound of banging in the kitchen. Looking at her phone she saw it was almost five in the evening. Even though her body told her she could use a few more hours of sleep, Rainy hoisted herself out of bed. The banging in the kitchen was most likely Clover trying to find something to eat for supper.
Rainy made a quick trip to the restroom to wash her face before entering the main living area where the kitchen and living room made up the rest of the small apartment.
“Oh,” said Rainy as she saw Ned filling a pot full of water. “Ned?”
“Good morning,” he said with a smile. “I came over to help Clover with her math homework.” He turned off the facet and placed the pan on the stovetop. “And to check on you. Feeling better?”
Rainy nodded. “I am. Like I said, I just needed to sleep.”
“Rainy!” Clover called as she ran from her bedroom into the living area. “Are you okay? Ned said you were sick.”
“Not sick, just tired,” said Rainy.
Clover raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure? You never sleep during the day.”
“I’m sure,” said Rainy as she ruffled her little sister’s hair. “Did Ned help you with your homework already?”
Clover smiled. “He did and he made it so easy.”
“Easy huh?” Now it was Rainy’s turn to lift an eyebrow.
“What can I say?” said Ned with a shrug. “Math comes easy for me, so it’s easy for me to explain to others.”
“I still don’t know why you’re wasting your time at Super Foods,” said Rainy as she walked into the kitchen. “Can I help with something?”
“It’s just spaghetti,” said Ned. “You can make a salad and you like that I work at Super Foods. Face it, Rainy, I keep you sane.”
Rainy laughed and shook her head as she thought about the black butterfly tattoo and the vision of Ned’s teeth falling out.  “I don’t know about sane, especially after today, but you do keep me entertained.”

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