Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 16

As she walked she thought about the day and the scary things she had witnessed. Ned’s teeth falling out and then the woman’s black butterfly tattoo launching itself at her. As much as she wanted to brush it aside as just lack of sleep, both visions had been so real to her. She had lied to Ned and Cathy about taking a sleeping pill late, so she couldn’t justify that as being what really happened. She was seeing things that were a lot more vivid than just loss of sleep would account for.
She turned the corner just as a large black dog launched itself at the chain link fence. Rainy let out a scream and leapt away from the fence as the dog snarled and howled. She jogged away from the black dog as her mind began to tickle with a thought that everything she was seeing meant something … not just meant something, but had to do with the call and card reading she had had the night before.
“You’re being silly,” she muttered to herself. “You just need some sleep and that black dog apparently lives there. It’s all coincidence.”
She arrived at her building and let out a sigh of relief. She was going to shut her curtains, turn on some light music to drown out the city, and sleep for the rest of the day. Hearing the unmistakable kaw of a raven, she looked up just in time to see three large black birds perched above the door leading into the apartment building.
Her mind reeled. If her mother hadn’t taught her anything else it was that three ravens was definitely a symbol of death. Any time they saw the birds while on the commune or hiking, her mother would always turn around, no matter the number. Where there was one, there may be two more and Rainy’s mother wasn’t about to chance the superstition.
“That’s all it is,” Rainy mumbled to herself. “Just silly superstition.”
She let herself into the building and climbed up the stairs to her apartment, all the visions running through her head. Three ravens and walking by a black dog on her way home might be a coincidence, but how could she explain Ned’s teeth falling out or the black butterfly tattoo launching itself in her direction.
Even though she had every intention of walking straight to her bed after she entered the apartment, she found herself sitting down at her computer. Bringing up her internet search engine, she typed in black butterfly. At first the internet brought up pictures of the beautiful bug, but as Rainy scrolled down she saw a number of websites claiming it to be a symbol of death.
Clicking on one of the websites, Rainy read through the superstitious beliefs. Some claimed the black butterfly had to fly to every corner of your house in order to be a symbol while others believed just seeing the creature meant certain doom. None of the websites she visited said anything about what a tattoo of one coming to life and flying at a person’s face meant.
Next she searched about Ned’s teeth falling out. Again she came up with numerous sites suggesting the vision or dream of a person’s teeth falling out meant one’s health was in jeopardy. Rainy wondered if it meant Ned’s health or her own, since she had had the vision.
“This is too much,” said Rainy as she typed in to search for black dogs and ravens, even though her gut was telling her they all foretold the same thing … death.

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