Friday, December 7, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 15

“I can stay,” argued Rainy. She really didn’t want to lose a day’s worth of pay just because her superstitions wouldn’t let her sleep. “I just need some more coffee.”
“Rainy, you have more sick days than I can count,” said Cathy. “Go on, and don’t worry about losing hours today, if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll lose a lot more than a day’s wage when you catch pneumonia or the flu because you’re so run down.”
“Hello!” called out the angry woman. “I’m the one with a problem here. You’ve got a high cashier wasting my time and money.”
“I assure you, Rainy is doing neither,” stated Cathy, with a thin smile. “Now, if you’ll let me see the coupons in question, we’ll get this sorted out.” She looked at Rainy. “Go on home. I’ll check out these customers and then close out your drawer for you.”
“Thank you,” said Rainy. “I really am sorry.”
Cathy waved her off as Rainy made her way to the back of the store to get her belongings. She hated leaving Cathy with the irate woman, but knew Cathy could handle it.
“You all right?” asked Ned as he caught up with her in the back. “Maybe I should drive you home? Or to the clinic?”
“I just need to go sleep,” said Rainy. “Thanks for the offer, but you can’t leave, especially now that we’re a cashier short.”
“I’m sure Cathy won’t mind,” said Ned.
“I’m sure she wouldn’t either, but I’d rather not make her day harder, especially since she’s having to deal with that woman and my erratic behavior.”
“Honestly, it makes us all feel a little better that you flaked out today,” said Ned with a smirk.
Rainy cocked her head. “Say what now?”
“Well, you’re just so perfect, it was nice to see a flaw in the great Rainy Summerfield’s armor.” His smile grew. “And that woman marched out of here without a single grocery screaming that the entire staff must be, and I quote, ‘trippin’ balls’.”
“She didn’t,” gasped Rainy.
“Well, she’s a classy one,” said Ned, matter-of-factly. His smile faded. “Are you sure you don’t want me to drive you home?”
“I’m sure,” said Rainy grabbing her purse. “The walk with do me some good and clear my head.”
“Okay,” said Ned, “Call me if you need anything and to set up a time to tutor Clover.”
“Will do,” said Rainy, she touched Ned’s arm. “Thanks for being such a good friend.”
“That road goes both ways,” said Ned. “You’d do the same for me.”
“Would I?” Rainy cracked a smile. “I bet you’re totally obnoxious on no sleep and ‘trippin’ balls’.”
Ned shook his head and smiled. “Go get some rest.”
As Ned walked back out into the store, Rainy let herself out through the back door. The last thing she wanted was to run into the angry woman in the parking lot and be involved in another “fire” Cathy would have to put out. She walked through the alleys until she was sure she was far enough away from the store that the woman wouldn’t spot her.
As she walked she thought about the day and the scary things she had witnessed. Ned’s teeth falling out and then the woman’s black butterfly tattoo launching itself at her. As much as she wanted to brush it aside as just lack of sleep, both visions had been so real to her. She had lied to Ned and Cathy about taking a sleeping pill late, so she couldn’t justify that as being what really happened. She was seeing things that were a lot more vivid than just loss of sleep would account for.

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