Friday, November 9, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 9

“Did you fill out the 1022 form online?” asked Homer.
“1022 form?” Rainy shook her head. “No, I need someone to call the police to the address of the woman, or at least get them a phone number. She needs real help, not paperwork.”
“No can do,” said Homer. “We do not give client info out to the police, FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, or anyone else without a warrant.”
“She’s in danger,” argued Rainy, “I could tell in her voice that she was scared and the cards showed me what could happen if she doesn’t get out. We have to help her!”
“Settle down,” snapped Homer.
Rainy bit her tongue as her temper sored through her body. She wanted nothing more than to tell Homer where he could put his “settle down”, but she realized she was speaking with someone within the company she worked for. She needed the extra income so getting fired wasn’t something she could literally afford.
“I’m sorry,” forced Rainy, “it’s just that…”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” said Homer, “you read it in the cards and she’s in immediate danger. What you fail to see here is that we are in the entertainment business. I get these calls all the time, and where I’m sure your gift is genuine …” He sighed heavily, which told Rainy he didn’t believe in psychic gifts at all. “… we can’t just go storming into people’s house because you get a bad feeling. Fill out the 1022 and then I’ll call the number back to make sure everything is okay.”
“You’ll call tonight?” asked Rainy.
“Someone will call in the morning,” said Homer. “We don’t call people after 10 pm, they don’t usually appreciate it.”
“She could be dead by then,” whispered Rainy, feeling all hope drain from her body.
“I seriously doubt it,” said Homer. “Had she been in that kind of trouble she would have called the police, not a psychic hotline. Why don’t you fill out the form, log off for the rest of the night, and don’t worry your little head about it. I’ll take it from here. Goodnight.”
The line went dead. Rainy let out a scream of frustration as she took her headset off. She stood and began to pace the room. That woman had been in real danger and there was nothing she could do to help. She knew Lotus Psychic Source had a top notch system not allowing the readers to see the client’s information and visa versa. This was one of the reasons she had sought employment with them, but at this very moment she wished she had a least a little information to go on.
Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, she walked back to the computer and found the 1022 form and filled it out. She then walked out of her room and down the hall. She wasn’t surprised to find Clover’s light still on, or her little sister asleep, fully clothed on the bed. Clover didn’t admit to being afraid of the dark, but she did the same thing every night. She listened to music until she drifted off. It was as if she was trying to trick her mind into thinking she wasn’t going to go to sleep by staying clothed and leaving the lights on, that way the fear couldn’t creep in.
Rainy gently covered Clover with a blanket, gathered up the bowl and fork she had brought dinner in, and then turned out the lights, leaving the door open so the nightlight in the hallway could shine in Clover’s room. Rainy had told Clover the nightlight was so Rainy could walk down to the bathroom without tripping on Clover’s shoes in the dark, but they both knew it was to help Clover.
After putting the dishes in the sink, Rainy made herself some tea. She still felt jittery after the call with the woman. It wasn’t just the jitters, but the air around her felt heavy. It was more than just a cloud of gray hanging over her head, it was like walking through nightmare soup.

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