Friday, November 2, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 8

Rainy felt panic surge through her veins as the line was silent. She hoped the woman had taken her advice and run. “Hello?”
“Shhh,” the woman whispered. “He’s coming.”
Rainy pulled another card and death leered up at her. “Hang up the phone! Hang up now!”
She heard a shuffle, the grumble of a man’s voice right before the ring of a slap. The woman cried out and the line went dead.

Chapter 3

Rainy stared at the computer as her line silenced. The electronic call log showed the woman had hung up the phone. Dread filled Rainy’s body as she thought of the sound of the woman’s cry and the slap that echoed over the line.
She couldn’t just sit there, she had to do something. The cards didn’t lie and even if she didn’t have the cards, it didn’t take a psychic to realize that the woman was in trouble. She scrolled her mouse over the call log and marked herself “unavailable” as she clicked the number for Lotus Psychic Source headquarters.
“Lotus Psychic Source, how may I direct your call?” came a nasally voice of the receptionist.
“This is Rainy Summerfield aka Blossom Moonlight,” said Rainy, “I need to talk to someone about a call I just received. I think the woman on the other end is in danger.”
“One moment.”
Rainy waited as a series of clicks echoed in her ears. She didn’t know how this was going to work, only hoped that whomever she was being transferred to would be able to get an address or at the very least a phone number to check on the woman.
“Security,” came a man’s voice, “this is Mark.”
“Hi, Mark, my name is Rainy Summerfield and I’m one of your psychics. I think a client is in immediate danger,” she explained.
Mark grumbled on the other end. “Wrong department. Please hold.”
Rainy bit her lip to keep from screaming into the phone as the nasally receptionist answered again. “Lotus Psychic Source, how may I direct your call?”
Rainy worked to steady her voice. “It’s Rainy Summerfield again. You transferred me to the wrong department. I just got a call from a woman I believe to be in real danger.”
“Please hold,” said the receptionist.
Again, Rainy waited.
“Security, this is Mark.”
“Mark,” said Rainy quickly, “do not hang up or transfer me back to the receptionist. This is Rainy Summerfield, I just spoke with you. I need to know what department to talk to help this woman I just spoke to on the phone. I truly believe she’s in danger.”
Mark grumbled something Rainy couldn’t understand. “Marge is always doing this to me. I work security in our building, not the world.”
“So who do I talk to?” asked Rainy.
“You want to talk to Homer in customer relations,” said Mark. “Hold on, I’ll transfer you.”
Rainy rolled her eyes, why hadn’t he just transferred her to customer relations to begin with? It was as if neither Mark nor Marge the receptionist understood the severity of the situation.
“Customer Relations, this is Homer.”
“This is Rainy Summerfield aka Blossom Moonlight,” Rainy said quickly. “I just got off the phone with a woman I believe to be in real danger.”
“Did you fill out the 1022 form online?” asked Homer.
“1022 form?” Rainy shook her head. “No, I need someone to call the police to the address of the woman, or at least get them a phone number. She needs real help, not paperwork.”
“No can do,” said Homer. “We do not give client info out to the police, FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, or anyone else without a warrant.”
“She’s in danger,” argued Rainy, “I could tell in her voice that she was scared and the cards showed me what could happen if she doesn’t get out. We have to help her!”

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