Friday, November 30, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 13

“Maybe a couple of hours after I took a sleeping pill,” Rainy lied. She didn’t want to go into a huge explanation on why she hadn’t slept. There was no way Ned would believe that she lost a whole night’s sleep over Clover’s math grade. She gave him a half smile. “I’m sure what I saw was just a hallucination from taking my sleeping pill too late and getting up too early. I just need a giant sized cup of coffee.”
“You should go home and sleep,” said Ned.
Rainy waved him off. “I’m fine and I need the money. No shift equals no pay, you know that.”
“If you need help financially, I could help,” offered Ned. “And don’t go giving me that look, because I know you’d offer the same if I wasn’t feeling well. We’re friends and that’s what we do for each other.”
“Thank you,” said Rainy, “but I really am fine.”
She knew she wasn’t fine, but she didn’t want to go home. Home was were the cards were. Home was where the darkness lurked. Home offered no sanctuary. “Once I get out there and busy then I’ll wake up. If I sleep the day away then I’ll just be up all night, so I’ll struggle today and sleep like a log tonight.”
Ned shook his head as if he weren’t convinced. “You should talk to Cathy. She’ll let you make up your shift. You’re one of the best workers she has.”
“Ned.” Rainy sighed. “I’m fine. Let it go, please.”
“Okay,” said Ned, raising his hands in defeat, “but if you need a ride home, it’s not a problem.”
“Thank you,” said Rainy, “now we had better get out there or Cathy will have a fit and you’ll be in trouble right alongside me.”
“Trouble is my middle name,” joked Ned. “Right behind Eugene.”
Rainy laughed as they walked out onto the store floor.

The morning drug by and Rainy felt every hour that she hadn’t slept. She was actually thankful she hadn’t taken a sleeping pill or she’d be drooling on the grocery conveyer belt. She was also thankful that most of her customers had been pleasant and that it wasn’t double coupon day.
A woman with bright purple hair and a black butterfly tattoo on her shoulder, started to place her items on the belt as Rainy scanned them. Rainy tried to stifle a yawn as she said hello.
“Oh sorry about that,” said Rainy. “How are you today? Did you find everything okay?”
The woman nodded as she continued to put her items on the conveyer belt. “I have a coupon for that soup.”
“Okay,” said Rainy, “I’ll scan it at the end.”
Once Rainy had scanned all the groceries, she took the coupon the woman had placed on the counter and scanned it. The cash register bellowed an error, so Rainy tried scanning it again. Again the register denied the coupon.
Rainy took a look at it and realized it had expired just the day before. “I’m sorry, your coupon is expired.”
“They always take them,” said the woman. “I’ve never had that problem before. The manufactures don’t care.”
“As much as I’d like to scan your coupon, my register won’t let me,” said Rainy. “It’s store policy. I’m terribly sorry.”
“You’re not even trying,” snapped the woman. “I come into this store all the time and I spend a lot of money.”
“We really appreciate your support,” said Rainy, “but it still won’t let me scan the coupon. I’m sorry.”
“Try it again,” stated the woman.
Rainy forced a smile as she scanned the coupon for a third time. The register again beeped its rejection. “Still won’t take it.”
“Then type it in,” said the woman. “You can apply the discount manually can’t you?”
“I could if it were a valid coupon,” said Rainy. “Since it has expired, I’m afraid there’s little I can do.”
“Let me talk to your manager,” snapped the woman.

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