Friday, November 16, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 11

She concentrated on her life. She thought of her friends at work at the supermarket and Clover curled up on her bed sleeping. She thought of her parents laughing as they all ran through meadows filled with flowers.
Closing her eyes, she pulled three random cards from the deck and placed them face up. Taking another deep breath, she bit back a scream as all three cards depicted death and then faded into black.

Chapter 4

 Rainy watched the sun peek over the horizon as she sat on her bed. After the cards turned black she threw them down the garbage chute, smudged her room with sage, lit every white candle she had, and prayed. She hadn’t dared to pick up another set of oracle cards and every time she closed her eyes to sleep all she could see were the death cards turning black.
She had heard of the phenomenon before, and it had never ended well for the person seeing the black cards. Basically it meant that the destiny of that individual could not be changed, there were no options, all paths lead to the same thing, and in Rainy’s case that meant death.
Rainy heard her sister walk down the hallway and into the bathroom. It was time to get ready for school and work. She wondered if she should call in sick, but shook the thought away. If she stayed home, she’d just dwell on the cards.
There had to be an explanation that didn’t involve Rainy’s doom. She had played it over and over in her mind the night before and done her best to convince herself that it was still the woman on the phone’s fate, not hers. That the negative energy had been so strong that it tainted the cards.
Rainy stood and opened the curtains fully to let in the sun. She closed her eyes as the warmth basked over her. She would not be afraid. She would go to work and get Clover to school. That reading was not meant for her and after work she would prove it by opening a brand new deck of oracle cards. She was sure they would say everything was going to be fine.

Rainy stepped inside the Super Foods where she worked and made her way back to the employee break room to put away her stuff. During the drive to drop Clover off at school and get to work on time, Rainy had started to feel the fatigue of not having any sleep. She hoped there was a big pot of coffee waiting in the break room. At this point, she considered guzzling it straight from the pot.
As she entered the break room she saw her friend Ned and couldn’t help but smile. Ned was a fun-loving guy with a great sense of humor. He was at least five years younger than Rainy, but they were the perfect work buddies.
“Hey there,” he said as he turned to see who had entered the break room. His casual smile faded. “You okay? Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look tired.”
Rainy shook her head and gave him a smile. “Isn’t that just a kind of nice way of telling someone they look like crap?”
Ned shrugged and nodded. “It really is. So what’s up?”
Rainy opened her locker and put her purse inside. “Just didn’t sleep well last night.”
As she turned Ned handed her a mug of coffee. “So what is it this time? Is Clover trying out for cheerleader and you know she won’t make it? Let me guess, Clover had a run in with some gritchy girl and you don’t know how to protect her? Or is it that Clover can’t sleep without a light on, still?”
“You’re just so sure it has to do with Clover,” said Rainy, smiling over her mug.
“Rainy, it’s always about Clover,” said Ned. “My mom used to say that the minute a woman gets pregnant her worry wheel starts to turn. She’ll think of every bad thing that could happen, and I mean every bad thing, from a scrapped knee to aliens.”
Rainy laughed. “Aliens, huh?”
Ned nodded. “When you started looking after Clover, your worry wheel started to turn. So what is it?”

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