Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 10

Rainy gently covered Clover with a blanket, gathered up the bowl and fork she had brought dinner in, and then turned out the lights, leaving the door open so the nightlight in the hallway could shine in Clover’s room. Rainy had told Clover the nightlight was so Rainy could walk down to the bathroom without tripping on Clover’s shoes in the dark, but they both knew it was to help Clover.
After putting the dishes in the sink, Rainy made herself some tea. She still felt jittery after the call with the woman. It wasn’t just the jitters, but the air around her felt heavy. It was more than just a cloud of gray hanging over her head, it was like walking through nightmare soup.
She took her tea back to her room after making sure the doors and windows were locked down tight. She reminded herself time and time again that she wasn’t the one in danger. That the dark energy she was feeling had to do with the woman she had read for.
Closing her bedroom door, she sat her tea down, and lit a white candle in a tall glass vase. Grabbing her shaker and the white candle she walked around her computer and reading table, reciting the words her mother had taught her and shaking the rattle her father had made her, “This is a house of love and light, darkness is not welcome here. Evil be gone.”
Feeling a lightness enter the room, Rainy let out a sigh of relief. She prayed that the woman would be okay and then walked back over to her table. She waved both the candle and the rattle over the cards in order to clear the energy from the woman’s reading. Logging off her computer, she got ready for bed. Usually, she took calls until close to one in the morning, but decided that even though Homer was a big jerk head, she needed to take the rest of the night off to relieve herself of the dread the call had caused.
She crawled into bed and took one last look at the cards still sitting on her work table. She wanted reassurance that everything would be fine, that the cloud would lift and that she wouldn’t be haunted by the call forever.
Getting out of bed she walked to her table and placed her hands on the cards. She began to shuffle keeping in mind her own future and blocking out that of the woman’s. She had to resign to the fact that she couldn’t help her; not that she didn’t want to, but that she literally could not.
Focusing on herself, she turned a card and sucked in a breath. She turned another, and then another, and then another.
Tears flooded her eyes as dread filled her body. The dark heaviness that she had cast out of the room earlier rolled over her with the force of a hurricane and the white candle which had remained lit after her cleansing blew out. Rainy let out a cry as four cards depicting death stared back at her.
Rainy flipped the deck of cards over, tears blurring her vision. She thumbed through them and each one depicted the same death card. She threw the deck on the table with a cry and relit the candle. She frantically shook the rattle over the cards, closed her eyes and repeated the phase her mother had taught her, “This is a house of love and light, evil is not welcome here. Be gone. This is a house of love and light, evil is not welcome here. Be gone.”
Over and over she chanted until her tears faded and the room seemed to lighten. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and picked up the deck. She could not be afraid of the cards. They had always steered her in the right direction. Something evil had come into her space, something that thrived on panic and despair. Rainy vowed she would not let it win.
She concentrated on her life. She thought of her friends at work at the supermarket and Clover curled up on her bed sleeping. She thought of her parents laughing as they all ran through meadows filled with flowers.
Closing her eyes, she pulled three random cards from the deck and placed them face up. Taking another deep breath, she bit back a scream as all three cards depicted death and then faded into black.

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