Friday, October 26, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 6

Rainy nodded and started to lay out her cards. “I understand, so I’m looking at the cards now.” She furrowed her eyebrows as the message started to appear. “Your daughter is very smart and she really does want to save him, but not from himself.”
“What does that mean?” asked Shirley.
Tears started to well up in Rainy’s eyes as visions of a boy being beaten by his father came into her view and the cards seemed to come to life as the faces changed into agony.
“You have every right to be concerned,” said Rainy, “this boy has a very hard life. He wears the jacket to protect himself, not just emotionally, but physically from his father. If he has the jacket on, then the punches don’t hurt as bad. His father is careful to stay away from his face, so the jacket is his armor.”
“Oh my heavens,” said Shirley.
“He doesn’t come inside because he honestly doesn’t know what to say,” said Rainy as she looked at the next card. It showed loneliness and fear of embarrassment. Rainy could almost feel herself being tongue-tied. “He wants to impress you and your husband and is so terrified he’ll do something stupid, he avoids you.” She looked at the next card, a sad droopy face standing in the rain. “He also knows he doesn’t shower enough, but half the time he doesn’t have access to one.”
“I never imagined,” said Shirley. “And the nose ring?”
Rainy smiled as she looked at the next card. “The nose ring he just thinks is cool.”
Shirley sighed on the end of the line. “So how does this end for my daughter?”
Rainy pulled two more cards from the stack. “Right now her future is at a crossroads. She can’t help him alone and if she tries it will lead to heartbreak, but thankfully that’s it as far as she’s concerned. He just kind of drifts off into darkness, which I’m sorry to say I can’t get more specific about there are too many variables.”
“And if she has help?” asked Shirley. “If we help the boy?”
“He’ll become like family to you all and soon they’ll both meet other people and be happy,” said Rainy. “He needs a friend more than a girlfriend and they both know that, but they’re teens and confused. She does love him and he does love her, but it’s not necessary romantic in nature.”
“Oh Blossom,” cried Shirley, “my heart is just broken for that boy and I feel awful for thinking such mean things about him. I’ll talk to him tonight.”
“Shirley, you should always trust your gut,” said Rainy. “You knew something was off and you were right, just a little off on what the problem was.”
“Thank you so much, Blossom,” said Shirley. “I’ll be recommending you to my friends.”
“I would appreciate that,” said Rainy. “If that’s all, I’ll wish you a goodnight.”
“That’s it for now,” said Shirley, “Goodnight.”
Rainy smiled as the call disconnected. Those were the calls she liked, there was a clear message and a clear answer. She had no doubt that Shirley and her husband would help the boy out. She didn’t need cards or her own intuition to tell her that. The boy would be safe and they would all be happy.
Rainy took a sip of her tea, shook her rattle over the cards, and took a deep breath as she clicked that she was ready for the next caller. The call connected.
“Hello, thank you for calling Lotus Psychic Source. This is Blossom Moonlight. How can I help you today?”
She heard crying on the other end of the line.
“Hello, ma’am, I can tell your upset. Let me help you.”
“I shouldn’t be calling,” said a woman.

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