Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 5

Time was short to grieve the relationship, because soon she was grieving for her parents and trying to take care of Clover. She only read cards online in order to help makes ends meet. If her ex could see her now, he’d laugh, claiming online call centers giving reading were nothing but shams and people pretending to be something special. She sighed, he wasn’t there and she needed the money. Money she wouldn’t make if she didn’t start taking calls.

Chapter 2

She pulled on her headset and clicked on the icon that showed she was available. In less than a minute she had a call.
“Hello, thank you for calling Lotus Psychic Source,” answered Rainy, “This is Blossom Moonlight. How can I help you today?”
She rolled her eyes at her own call name. It had been given to her by the company and she had to chuckle at herself. It’s not like it was anymore hippie than her real name. Her parents had lived on the commune most of Rainy’s young life. They had let it slip that Rainy got her name because she was conceived during a rain storm. She didn’t even want to know how Clover got her name.
“Hello,” came the voice on the line. “I’m so new to this. Am I doing it right?”
Rainy smiled. “All you have to do is talk. How about we start with what you’d like to be called.”
“What I’d like to be called?” asked the woman.
“Yes, some people just use their real names, others like to use a fake name,” answered Rainy. “I just need to know how to address you.”
“Oh, okay, just call me Shirley then,” said the woman.
“Hi Shirley, it’s nice to meet you,” said Rainy, “how can I help you tonight?”
“Well,” said Shirley, “it’s about my daughter. She’s dating this boy and I think he’s up to no good. Everyone is telling me I’m over reacting, but I can’t shake the feeling.”
“I understand,” said Rainy, “tell me your concerns as I shuffle the cards and we’ll see what they have to say.”
“Are these tarot cards? Like a witchcrafty thing?” asked Shirley.
“They are oracle cards and no I don’t practice witch craft,” answered Rainy. She got that question at least once a night. “Basically, I use the cards to help me understand the messages I get. They just clarify what I’m already feeling and it’s nothing evil or malicious. I don’t want that in my life any more than you do. Now tell me about this boy.”
Shirley sighed and started as Rainy closed her eyes, listened and shuffled the cards, “For starters he’s got a nose ring. I just can’t trust anyone who would deliberately stab themselves in the nose. Ears, belly buttons, even lips I can kind of get passed, but have you ever pulled out a nose hair? It hurts like the dickens.”
Rainy had to stifle her laughter. “It does. Go on.”
“Well he just pulls up to the curb and honks, then my daughter goes running out like a loyal bird dog comes to a whistle. His hair is greasy and he wears a black leather jacket even when it’s summer. My daughter, God bless her, she says he’s just a lost soul and won’t listen to me one bit when I tell her it isn’t her job to save him. My husband says it’s just a phase, but I can’t shake this feeling in my gut.”
Rainy nodded and started to lay out her cards. “I understand, so I’m looking at the cards now.” She furrowed her eyebrows as the message started to appear. “Your daughter is very smart and she really does want to save him, but not from himself.”

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