Friday, October 19, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 4

“No problem,” said Rainy, walking back to the door, “eat, do your homework, and try not to go to bed too late. I’m getting on the computer, let me know if you need help and I can do it between clients.”
“You sound so fancy,” said Clover with a smirk. “How about you give me a card reading to see if I’m going to pass math?”
“How about you study and then it doesn’t matter what the cards say,” said Rainy with her own smirk. “Good night.”
Closing Clover’s door, Rainy went back to the kitchen and spooned herself some pasta salad before heading into the den. She fired up the laptop as she took bites. Setting her bowl to the side, Rainy lit a white candle and took a deep breath.
“This is a place of light and love. No evil is welcome here. Please guide me in a manner that helps the people that call in today, help me be truthful, and accurate. I am thankful for your guidance in this place of white light.”
She let her mind settle, pushing away the hectic day at the grocery store, her fight with Clover, and the way her heart ached for her parents. She visualized only a white light, while continuing to take deep breaths.
Feeling settled she took out her oracle cards, placed them on the table and then shook her homemade shaman rattle over them to rid the cards of any excess energy from the night before. She looked at the rattle for a moment before putting it back in its silk cloth bag. Her father had made it for her when she started reading cards.
She had never really considered herself a psychic, just a person with really good intuition and a knack for seeing in the cards what people needed to hear. If anything she considered herself more of a counselor. She tried not to predict the future, but with her clients she talked them through their problems, using the cards as her guides. Knowing the rattle was made out of love was the perfect way to shake off any old or harmful energy.
Rainy logged on to the call center where she would be taking calls from people across the globe looking for insight and understanding. Her mind fluttered back to her time working for the psychic salon her then boyfriend operated. They had met at a commune picnic, one of the last, and become fast friends, before taking the step into a romantic relationship.
She had loved him, but he wanted more from her than she could give. He wanted her to give readings in person and to truly embrace her gift. A gift she never felt she had. She started on as the salon’s receptionist, but then was fired when she refused to do more. That was both the end of working in the salon and her relationship.
Time was short to grieve the relationship, because soon she was grieving for her parents and trying to take care of Clover. She only read cards online in order to help makes ends meet. If her ex could see her now, he’d laugh, claiming online call centers giving reading were nothing but shams and people pretending to be something special. She sighed, he wasn’t there and she needed the money. Money she wouldn’t make if she didn’t start taking calls.

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