Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 3

Rainy finished the salad and then took a bowl of the pasta and three Oreos to her sister’s room. She knocked gently twice and then let herself in. Clover laid on the bed listening to music on a very old mp3 player. She pulled her earbuds out as Rainy entered.
“I’m sorry I got upset over your math grade,” said Rainy as she sat the bowl and cookies down on Clover’s desk. “I just want you to do well and when you don’t, well, I feel like I’ve failed you.”
Clover sighed. “You haven’t failed me. You just aren’t here.”
“I know,” said Rainy, hanging her head.
“But, I know you’d rather be here,” said Clover. “It’s not your fault I don’t get math. You did try to help.”
“Maybe I’m not the right person to help you,” said Rainy. “How would you feel if I got Ned from the store to come and tutor you?”
Clover blushed and Rainy smiled. She knew her little sister had always had a crush on Ned, even though he was way too old to even consider being Clover’s boyfriend. The fact was, Ned was nice and he was brilliant at math. Rainy never understood why he worked at the supermarket as a cashier and didn’t have some high paying accounting job.
“You think he would?” asked Clover.
“I can definitely ask if he has time,” answered Rainy, “and if he doesn’t then we’ll talk to Mrs. Jennings about getting someone through the school.”
“I’d rather have Ned’s help,” said Clover.
“Then I’ll talk to him tomorrow,” said Rainy.
Rainy turned to walk out of Clover’s room.
“I meant it you know,” said Clover, causing Rainy to turn around, “but not in the way it came out. I do wish Mom and Dad were here, but not because it would mean that you wouldn’t be. I just miss them.”
A tear dropped from Clover’s eye causing Rainy to run over to her sister and wrap her up in a hug. “Oh, Clover, I do, too. I love being your sister, but it’s hard being your parent sometimes. I’m glad I’m here to take care of you, but like you said, I wish Mom and Dad were here so we could be a family again.”
“You’re a pretty good parent,” said Clover with an eye roll.
“Well you’re a pretty good kid,” teased Rainy, knowing Clover hated to be called a kid.
Clover pushed her off playfully. “Thanks for the food and the Oreos.”
“No problem,” said Rainy, walking back to the door, “eat, do your homework, and try not to go to bed too late. I’m getting on the computer, let me know if you need help and I can do it between clients.”
“You sound so fancy,” said Clover with a smirk. “How about you give me a card reading to see if I’m going to pass math?”
“How about you study and then it doesn’t matter what the cards say,” said Rainy with her own smirk. “Good night.”
Closing Clover’s door, Rainy went back to the kitchen and spooned herself some pasta salad before heading into the den. She fired up the laptop as she took bites. Setting her bowl to the side, Rainy lit a white candle and took a deep breath.

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