Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Daring Destiny ~ Part 1

Daring Destiny: A Mystical Novella
By Jennifer McMurrain

***Note from the author***

What you are about to read is a rough draft. Anna’s Legacy supporters are getting a sneak peek at my writing process and they are the first ones to get to read these novellas. Knowing that it is a rough draft, please be aware that it hasn’t gone through my rigorous quality control and there will be mistakes, typos, and before the final product is published, it might even have a plot change. This is all part of the process. So I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of Daring Destiny.

Chapter One

Rainy Summerfield trudged up the three flights of stairs to her apartment carrying four large sacks of groceries. Her feet hurt and her head was pounding. It had been double coupon day at the supermarket and that always brought out the extreme couponers.
She didn’t mind that they wanted to save money. She fully admitted she did most of the grocery shopping on double coupon day, but she was nowhere near an extreme couponer, who seemed to think rules didn’t apply to them.  They either argued about the quantity or the amount or whether an expired coupon could be used after the date. Rainy had grown up in a commune, where peace and love were preached every day, but some of those shoppers would make even the most peaceful hippie lash out.
Rainy kicked the apartment door three times, her signal to her younger sister Clover to open the door. Rainy waited patiently, trying not to count how long it was taking her little sister to get to the door. She wondered if her fingers would fall off before she actually got inside.
The door opened a crack to expose the dark brown eyes of Rainy’s twelve year-old sister, Clover.
“Open up will ya,” said Rainy, “my fingers are breaking.”
Clover opened up the door fully to let her sister in.
“I thought you were going to be home at six,” said Clover, closing the door behind Rainy.
“I was supposed to get off at five,” said Rainy, setting the plastic bags down and then shaking out her fingers to get the circulation back into them, “but it was double coupon day, so a couple of people called in sick and you know we could use the money. Then I had to shop, after all it was double coupon day.”
Rainy gave her sister a wink as she pulled a package of Oreos out of the shopping bag. “Good news, I found a coupon for your favorite.”
Clover’s frown faded into a smile as she grabbed at the cookies. Rainy held them out of reach. “Not so fast, did you eat supper?”
Clover rolled her eyes. “I’m not hungry.”
“Then you don’t need these cookies, do you?” teased Rainy.
“Come on,” whined Clover.
Rainy shook her head. “No, ma’am, first a real dinner, then Oreos. I’ll make us up some pesto pasta salad. It won’t take long. Come in the kitchen with me and talk while I cook.”
Clover sighed but dragged her feet into the kitchen dramatically. “What do you want to talk about?”
“I really don’t care,” said Rainy, unloading the groceries, “as long as it’s not about double coupons.”
The girls laughed and Clover began to help her sister put the groceries away.
“How was school today?” asked Rainy.
Clover’s smile faded. “Fine.”
“Come on, Clover,” said Rainy, filling a pot with water to boil. “Talk to me, didn’t you have a math test today? How’d you do?”
Clover sighed again and walked over to her backpack. “You’re going to find out anyway, because you have to sign it.”
Rainy felt her headache go up a tick. Math wasn’t Clover’s best subject and the young girl had struggled keeping the grade above passing. Rainy told herself to keep an open mind. Clover’s teacher was willing to work with them and Clover might just have to do summer school to catch up.

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