Friday, August 10, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 31

Arlyn sighed. She knew the relationship couldn’t take them anywhere. He would be off traveling the world and she would still be in her apartment, following her routine, watching him eat donuts, when she wanted nothing more than to devour one herself. He would be going to galas, balls, and making public appearances, while she sat in the shadows working on another book for another client. They lived in two different worlds.
“Arlyn?” Cordel cocked his head.
“Fine,” she said. “I’ll keep an open mind. Most likely you’ll grow sick of me during this interview and it won’t even be a factor.”
“Oh, I’m already planning our first date,” said Cordel.
Arlyn tapped her watch. “It’s time to work, so keep your promise.”
Cordel held up his Boy Scout salute, “I promise.”
They spent the rest of the day talking about Cordel and his early life as an adventurer. They had agreed that even though parts of his childhood would be mixed in, the main story was about his current life and how he made his adventures in cryptozoololgy a resounding television success.
“So I’ll see you tomorrow,” said Arlyn. “We made excellent progress today. Thank you for staying focused.”
She opened the door and was surprised to see Cordel’s driver standing outside of it a bouquet of flowers in his hand.
“Thank you,” said Cordel as he took the flowers. “I’ll be right down.”
He handed the bouquet to Arlyn as a sweet aroma filled the air coming from the small white trumpets. He pulled one delicately from the group and intertwined it in Arlyn’s hair. “These are for you. Their honeysuckles, my mother used to grow them. You can actually take this bouquet and start your own vine back there on your patio.”
“Thank you,” said Arlyn, “but you really shouldn’t have. This isn’t exactly professional.”
“Just a little symbol of my appreciate of you,” said Cordel. He stepped out the door and then turned abruptly. “Oh and there may or may not be a folklore that those who wear the honeysuckle flowers will dream of their true love.”
He gave her a wink, before walking down the hallway.
Arlyn shook her head and then reached up to take the flower out of her hair. She stopped herself, smiled, and went to go take her nap, wondering if she would dream of Cordel.

Chapter 10

Cordel walked into Arlyn’s apartment and handed her a tea. They had been working together for over a month and Arlyn was finishing up with her fact gathering portion of her ghost writing. It would take her a month to six weeks to write the book, another month for edits and usually that was it. The life of a ghostwriter was faster than that of a traditional author. Less room for creative differences and more of a “you’re the boss” type of mentality.
“We should go outside,” said Cordel. “It’s beautiful out there.”
“There’s a nice little gazebo in the courtyard,” said Arlyn. “We could go there.”
“And leave your cave?” Cordel joked.
Arlyn laughed. The more that they had worked together and gotten to know each other the more he had teased her. “Even we hermits need vitamin D on occasion. Also it’s our last interview day, so let’s  make it special.”
“I don’t want it to end,” said Cordel.

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