Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 24

“Hardy, har har,” mocked Arlyn. “In high school I had no idea how to manage my hunger. It controlled me instead of the other way around. I was a big girl due to that lack of control. The lunch lady once found me in the cafeteria eating all the bread rolls that were meant for lunch. They bought them pre-cooked and then just stuck them in the oven to reheat. There I was, eight in the morning, skipping my first period class eating cold rolls. I was so embarrassed.”
“Oh that’s nothing,” said Cordel, “and I don’t even have a medical excuse for my embarrassing story.”
“Do tell,” said Arlyn, “I can’t wait to hear it.”
“Oh there are many,” said Cordel. “In junior high, we were doing sit-ups in gym class. I got partnered up with the prettiest girl in school. She was holding my feet, with her hands. We’d had ham and beans for lunch … and…”
Arlyn gasped. “You didn’t.”
“I did,” said Cordel. “I farted right in her face.”
“What did she do?” asked Arlyn.
“She was totally cool about it,” said Cordel. “She kind of laughed and then stood, so she could hold my feet with her feet. I tried to apologize after and she told me not to worry that things like that happen.”
“Oh that could have been so much worse,” said Arlyn. “I had a huge crush on one of our soccer players, of course he didn’t know I existed.  But one day I thought I heard him call my name as I was walking down the hall. I turned, still walking, but didn’t see him, I turned back around and rammed my face right into an open locker door. Made such a racklet that everyone in the hallway turned to see what had happened. Had a goose egg on my head for almost a week.”
“Ouch,” said Cordel, “but that doesn’t beat making out with a tree.”
“I’m sorry what?” asked Arlyn as she cocked her head.
“Senior year, it was one of the last parties and I got totally wasted,” explained Cordel. “It was not a pretty sight and it didn’t help when I was moments away from passing out I found a lovely tree. Seriously, it was love at first sight. She had nice big, spacious roots, and soft moss creating the perfect chair. I sat down and leaned my cheek against the moss that was growing up her roots. I was so thankful for a comfortable place to sit that I started to hug the tree and telling her that I loved her.”
“You did not,” said Arlyn in shock.
“Oh I did,” said Cordel. “I’m just thankful it was a time before everyone could record on their phones or I’m pretty sure the press would’ve gotten their hands on it by now. Definitely not one of my finer moments.”
Arlyn started to gather up the food. “I can’t believe you did that.”
“I can’t believe you used to be a big girl,” said Cordel. “Not that there’s anything wrong with curves, but I can tell you’ve made some really good healthy choices.”
Arlyn couldn’t help but blush at Cordel’s compliment. It had been a long time since anyone had made her blush.
“Thank you,” said Arlyn. “Once I was finally diagnosed with narcolepsy, by a specialist, I was able to realize what was a symptom of the disease and what was actual hunger.”
“Wasn’t that hard though?” asked Cordel as she helped her gather up the Chinese food. “I hate being hungry.”
“That’s where the carrots come in,” said Arlyn. “I’ve always loved carrots, so instead of running for the carbs, I ran for the carrots in-between meals. That being said, I do allow myself to have a meal like this on occasion. Food is very much a comfort to me as much as it is fuel for my body, so I also took up swimming, which I found to be stress reducing, created a schedule that would work for me, and cut out all caffeine.”
“No caffeine, that sounds painful, as a narcoleptic, I figured caffeine would be your go to,” admitted Cordel.

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