Friday, June 22, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 21

“She’ll tell you when she wakes up,” answered Molly. “She’ll have no other choice. I would tell you if I could, but I really can’t. Trust me when I say it’s not life threatening, but if she quits breathing, call an ambulance.”
“Well that is all totally reassuring,” said Cordel, knowing the sarcasm was thick in his voice.
“This is why I asked you to let it go,” said Molly. “I practically begged you yesterday, you didn’t and now this has happened.”
“So this is my fault?” asked Cordel, all bravado gone from his voice.
“I’m sure your questions certainly didn’t help,” said Molly. “Now, you wait there. I don’t care how long she sleeps, you stay. Understand?”
Molly’s tone was that of a mother and Cordel couldn’t help but say. “Of course.”
“Any changes in her breathing you call 911 and then me. Text me when she wakes up,” she ordered and then hung up.
“This is crazy,” Cordel said out loud, but he grabbed a chair from the dining room table and sat it directly in front of Arlyn. He sat, with his elbows resting on his knees and watched.  


Arlyn woke up and stared into the clover green eyes of Cordel Foster.
“Take it easy,” he said gently. “Something happened, but you’re okay.”
Arlyn let out a groan. She knew exactly what had happened. She had let Cordel work her into a state of cataplexy.
“You okay? What do you need? Water? I can take you to the doctor. Do you have meds somewhere you need?”
All of his questions were making her head spin. Of course she couldn’t blame him. “Water, please.”
He hurried from his chair and rushed to the kitchen. As he opened various cabinets looking for a glass, she slowly sat up and stretched her aching muscles.
Cordel came back with a glass of water in one hand and ice cubes in his other. “Ice? My hands are clean, I promise. I washed them about a dozen times in case I had to CPR.”
Arlyn nodded and forced a smile. “Yes, please. Thank you.”
She took the glass after he put the ice in and took a long drink.
“Easy,” he said, “maybe you should sip?”
She used the time drinking not only to quench her thirst but to think of what to say next. She had told very few people about her condition and never someone who was a practical stranger, like Cordel. The fact remained he deserved an explanation and the best course of action was to tell him the truth.
“Carrots!” he said, making her jump from her thoughts. “Do you need your carrots? I’ll get them.”
“Actually,” said Arlyn, with a light laugh. “I’m starving, do you like Chinese food?”

Chapter 7

Arlyn paid and thanked the delivery man for the Chinese food, giving him a large tip for getting it to her apartment so quickly. As she turned with the giant bag, Cordel let out a low whistle.
“Either you’re feeding a small army of men who will be here shortly to kill me for what I witnessed, you think I’m as hungry as a lumberjack, or you’re as hungry as a lumberjack.”
“I’m as hungry as a lumberjack,” said Arlyn, “and I did order extra because I wasn’t sure how much you’d eat, but I’d hoped you’d eat with me while I explained.”

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