Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 20

“You need to think of Molly,” said Cordel. “What will happen to her if I terminate this deal?”
Her thoughts turned to how devastated Molly would be if she lost her job. A job Molly loved and it would be all Arlyn’s fault, just because she refused to tell Cordel about her condition.
Arlyn’s body started to go numb as she sat on the couch. Cataplexy was happening and she wasn’t going to be able to stop it. “Don’t call an ambulance.”


Cordel watched as Arlyn wilted onto the couch and appeared to pass out.
“What the …” he walked over to her and took her pulse. It was high so he pulled out his phone to dial 911, when he remembered her last words and put his phone back into his pocket.
“Don’t call the ambulance?” he mused out loud. “I don’t even …” He stood and started to pace, thrusting his hands through his hair. “I mean any normal person would call an ambulance.”
He thought about the way she moved to the couch before she passed out. She knew she was going to, he decided and that’s why she told him not to call an ambulance. He paced some more and tried to think of what to do. He grabbed a throw pillow and placed it behind her head.
“Okay, now what?” to the unresponsive Arlyn. Again he raked his hands through his hair and then bit his fingernail, a nervous habit he had shed back in junior high. “She’s breathing, so that’s good. Maybe I should elevate her feet?” he mused out loud. “I wonder if she needs a spoon in her mouth so she doesn’t bite her tongue.” He slapped his forehead. “That is a seizure, not ...” he guestered to the sleeping Arlyn. “…whatever this is.”
He rubbed his hands over his face. “Think Cordel, you’ve had field training in first aide. You know what to do.” He shook his head. “No, you have a medic on staff for these things telling you what to do.”
“You’re talking to yourself, Cordel,” he said. “You sound like a raving lunatic.” Maybe he was a lunatic? Maybe he had caused this? “You just had to push. Molly told you not to.” He snapped his fingers. “Molly!”
Arlyn had said nothing about calling Molly.  He tapping in the number and waited. “This is Molly.”
“Molly, thank God, this is Cordel Foster.”
“Mr. Foster, I hope everything is okay,” said Molly.
“No, it isn’t … far from it,” replied Cordel. “I came over to Arlyn’s apartment for our interview and I was trying to get to the bottom of why she ditched me yesterday and she just passed out on the couch, but not before … and get this … she told me not to call an ambulance.”
“Is she breathing?” asked Molly, calmly.
“Yes, but her blood pressure is high,” said Cordel.
“It always is during one of these attacks,” said Molly.
“So this happens often?” asked Cordel.
“More than she’d like,” said Molly. “Did she bump her head on anything?”
“No, she was near the couch,” answered Cordel.
“Good. She’ll wake up, just give her time.”
“Wake up? Molly, what is going on?”
“She’ll tell you when she wakes up,” answered Molly. “She’ll have no other choice. I would tell you if I could, but I really can’t. Trust me when I say it’s not life threatening, but if she quits breathing, call an ambulance.”
“Well that is all totally reassuring,” said Cordel, knowing the sarcasm was thick in his voice.
“This is why I asked you to let it go,” said Molly. “I practically begged you yesterday, you didn’t and now this has happened.”
“So this is my fault?” asked Cordel, all bravado gone from his voice.

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