Friday, June 15, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 19

The minute he walked out of the building he texted his driver that he was ready and then called Hillary.
“Hey boss man,” she said. “Did you get everything worked out with Arlyn Wade?”
“For the most part,” said Cordel, “but I have some research work for you.”
“What can I help you with?” Hillary asked.
“Find out everything you can on Arlyn Wade.”

Chapter 6

Arlyn threw open the door to her apartment before Cordel even had a chance to knock.
“I am so sorry about yesterday,” she said. “That was totally my fault and it will never happen again.”
“It’s okay,” said Cordel as he walked in the door, “well it will be as soon as you tell me why.”
“Why?” Arlyn cocked her head as she closed the door.
“Yes, I would like to know why you refused to answer the door after making such a fuss about me coming here and not changing the schedule,” answered Cordel. “I did what you asked.”
“You did,” admitted Arlyn, “and I appreciate that more than you know.”
“Then show me your appreciation by telling me why,” he said.
“All you need to know is that it won’t happen again,” stated Arlyn. She could feel her blood pressuring rising at Cordel’s insistence. Why couldn’t the mana just accept the apology?
She gave him a smile. “I would have brought your favorite food, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t carrots and I had no idea what it would be, so you’ll just have to take my apology.”
“Or I could terminate the contract,” said Cordel as he sat on the couch.
“You wouldn’t.” Arlyn crossed her arms.
“I would,” he said putting his feet on her coffee table.
Arlyn walked over and slapped his feet down. “It’s none of your business.”
“We’re working together,” said Cordel. “I need to know you’re reliable.”
“I’m telling you I am,” said Arlyn as a tingle started to assault her arms. She took in a deep breath and tried to steady her nerves. If she went into a cataplexic state now, she’s have to tell Cordel and that was the last thing she wanted. “The fact that I’ve authored over thirty books as a ghost writer should also tell you I am. I will also add that ten of those hit the best seller lists.”
“Why don’t you have any existence on the internet?” Crodel asked. “I had my assistant do a back ground check and nothing came up.”
“I’m a private person,” said Arlyn. “My whole career is to be listen, write, and never been seen.”
Cordel shook his head. “I think it’s more than that. I think you’re hiding something from me.”
“Because I am and it’s none of your business!”
“I’m making it my business,” said Cordel as he stood. “I don’t work with people who are keeping secrets from me. That’s a good way to get hurt.”
“We’re not on location,” said Arlyn, her legs starting to grow heavy. “We’re in my apartment. Now I need you to stop.” She paused taking another deep breath. “Please.”
“You need to think of Molly,” said Cordel. “What will happen to her if I terminate this deal?”
Her thoughts turned to how devastated Molly would be if she lost her job. A job Molly loved and it would be all Arlyn’s fault, just because she refused to tell Cordel about her condition.
Arlyn’s body started to go numb as she sat on the couch. Cataplexy was happening and she wasn’t going to be able to stop it. “Don’t call an ambulance.”

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