Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dream On returns in June

Hello Friends,

We have reached my favorite time of year ... summer! Yes, I know it's hot, but it's the time I get to spend with my family that I cherish. Our little family likes to travel. We usually go to one place we've never been before (usually a perk of my husband's work) and a family vacation where we visit my extended family in Wyoming.

During these vacations I put my work on hold, as a proper vacationer should. Our first trip is taking place soon, so Dream On will return on June 5th with uninterrupted episodes through June!! Then I'll be taking another small hiatus the first two weeks of July.

If everything goes as planned you should have uninterrupted episodes until the Dream On finale!

Thank you all for your support and readership. It really does mean the world to me. Also, thank you for allowing me this time with my family. Time is going by so fast and so these trips mean the world to me.

Happy Reading,
Jennifer McMurrain

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