Friday, January 12, 2018

Give Me Love ~ Part 39

“How do you think that will work?” asked Amorette. “I’m human now.”
“The parts still work the same, love,” said Tris, “you’ll live down here. I’ll have my way with you and then you’ll have little demigod who will babies that will take over the world. I’ll be in power in the clouds and our offspring will be in power here. It’s the best of both worlds, really.”
“You can’t make me,” said Amorette.
“Oh, but I can,” said Tris. “Just one little prick of this arrow and you’ll be at my beck and call. If I say kneel, you’ll kneel. If I say kiss, you’ll kiss. If I say kill Charlie, you’ll kill Charlie. You won’t just be under the golden arrow’s spell, you’ll be under my spell.”
“I won’t do it. I’d rather be banished.” Amorette took a step back and wondered if she could beat Tris up the stairs. It wasn’t likely since he could appear anywhere he wanted in a blink of an eye. She glanced around the bar, looking for any way out.
“Banishment can be arranged, but it’s such a waist to throw a beauty like you into the outer world.” Tris took a step toward her. “Let’s not fight the enviable. Just a little stab and it’ll all be over.”
Amorette ran towards the bar, again screaming Emma’s name. She hopped if Emma didn’t hear her than someone outside would. She prayed she could at least get to the knifes they kept behind the counter to cut lemons and limes.
Tris grabbed her around the waist, pulling her close until her back was firmly planted against his chest. He slid the arrow against her cheek, but didn’t break the skin.
“We can do this the easy way or the hard way. What’s it gonna be, love?”
Amorette jerked a single arm loose and grabbed the arrow, forcing it away from her cheek. Her heart pounded violently as she tried to pull the arrow from Tris’s hand. He was too strong. He was right, he was a god and she was a mere mortal now. There was little she could do to stop him, but she had to try.
When she saw his wrist was within distance, she bit down with all her might.
Tris screamed out in pain and let go of the arrow. Amorette squirmed out of his arms, just as a force knocked Tris onto the ground. Amorette’s eyes grew as she saw Charlie on top of Tris, trying to restrain him.
“Charlie!” screamed Amorette as Tris’s foot found Charlie’s chest and sent him flying backwards into the wall.
Tris raced over to Charlie. “I’ve had enough of you and your meddling. Amorette belongs to me and no one, especially not a putrid mortal as yourself will change that.”
Tris wrapped his hands around Charlie’s throat.
“No!” Amorette screamed. Her mind raced as she tried to think of a way to stop Tris. She knew that nothing she could do would really harm Tris. It would hurt for a second and then he’d be fine.
“Fine,” Amorette yelled, her heart breaking. “I’ll do it. I’ll prick myself with the arrow, but you have to let him live. We’ll go to another city. Charlie won’t be able to find us and I won’t fight you. I’ll be yours, just as you’ve always wanted, but you have to let him go.”
Tris released his grip on Charlie and Charlie sank to the floor coughing.
“It’s about time you’ve come to your senses,” said Tris, as he turned towards her, flashing a wicked smile. “Go ahead, give yourself a prick.”
Amorette looked at Charlie as tears spilled out onto her cheeks. She wanted nothing more than to love him and have him love her. It had been a dream come true being able to spend the time with him that she had. The only thing she regretted was that it had all be under the cupid’s spell.
Amorette’s eyes widened, she knew what she had to do. It had been so simple all along and yet, she had been too blind to see it. She looked at Tris and flashed her own smile.
“What are you up to?” asked Tris with a raised eye brow.

Amorette raised the arrow up and then slammed it down on her knee, breaking the golden arrow in two.

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