Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Give Me Love ~ Part 38

Amorette looked over her shoulder to the storage room door, feeling as if she were being noisy by looking at what was in the burlap, but she couldn’t help herself. It was like the object was calling to her. She could feel the burlap vibrating softly, like a purr of a kitten.
She unwrapped the object and her eyes grew as she saw the golden arrow.
“Well, hello, Love,” came a voice from the door that made Amorette cringe. “I see you’ve found what I’ve been looking for. Be a doll and hand it over.”
Amorette clamored to her feet and looked for a place to run. She was trapped in the storage room with Tris standing in the only exit.
He raised his hands nonchalantly. “What are you going do? There’s no place to run and now that you’re a mere mortal, you’re no match for me. Let’s not play games, love, just hand it over and be done with it.”
Amorette clutched the arrow to her chest and shook her head. “No, you can’t have it.”
She grabbed a bottle of whiskey and launched it at Tris. He threw his hands up to protect himself as Amorette kept throwing bottles. Then he disappeared.
Amorett took her chance and ran out of the storage room, griping the arrow tightly. “Emma, call the police. Emma!”
She had barely made it around the corner when Tris grabbed her around the waist. Amorette screamed again for Emma.
“She can’t hear you, love,” Tris whispered in her ear. “She’s sound asleep and will be for hours.”
“What did you do to Emma?” snarled Amorette.
“Don’t worry,” said Tris, “I didn’t hurt her. I just replaced her migraine medication with sleeping pills. A very high dosage, mind you, but she’ll be fine and wake up well rested. She should thank me really.”
“You’re a creep,” snapped Amorette.
“Yes,” said Tris, “but I’m the creep you’re gonna spend eternity with.”
Amorette trust back her head, connecting with Tris’s nose. He let out a cry of anguish, release Amorette for just a moment. She ran towards the door, but Tris was in front of her in a moment.
“Well aren’t you an evil little minx,” said Tris yanking the arrow from Amorette’s clutches. “Not that I mind a little evil now and then.”
“Give me that arrow,” demanded Amorette.
“Or what?” asked Tris. “You’re human, love, and I’m a god. You’re no match for me.” He flashed a wicked smile. “But don’t worry, I’ll be fair.”
“Why can’t you just leave me alone?” cried Amorette. “Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you?”
“Oh, darling, it’s not about being with you,” explained Tris, “it’s about winning. You have rejected me from day one, even after I paid off the elders to match us. You had to make things hard, avoiding to couple with me and touching this blasted arrow, and now here we are. I have the arrow.”
“You paid off the elders?” Amorette shook her head. “They wouldn’t do that.”
“They would,” said Tris, “especially when you catch one of them playing hide the salami with a married mortal woman. A little blackmail matched with a few promises for the future. It’s amazing what an elder will do to make sure he isn’t banished.”
He cut his palm, wincing a little at the pain. “Now, you prick your finger again and you will no longer love that half-wit human, you will love me and we can live … what is it you care so much about, oh yes … happily ever after.”
“How do you think that will work?” asked Amorette. “I’m human now.”

“The parts still work the same, love,” said Tris, “you’ll live down here. I’ll have my way with you and then you’ll have little demigod who will babies that will take over the world. I’ll be in power in the clouds and our offspring will be in power here. It’s the best of both worlds, really.”

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