Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Give Me Love ~ Part 36

“I’m a cupid,” she said bluntly, “My job is to match couples and I do that with the help of a golden arrow. If I shoot two people with a golden arrow they will fall in love, they can’t help it, even if they aren’t a good match for each other. Tonight Tris had a black arrow. They are illegal where I’m from. Black arrows cause humans to fall in love with cupids, but tonight when Tris hit me with it, it didn’t work because I’m already under the spell of a golden arrow.”
“I don’t understand,” said Charlie.
Amorette swallowed hard. “That night when you found me in the old warehouse, I had pricked myself with the golden arrow right before I blacked out. You were the first person I saw, so I fell in love with you instantly. Then you pricked yourself with the arrow and since it already had my essence, you fell in love with me instantly.”
Charlie shook his head. “No, I don’t believe it.”
“Are you saying you didn’t have feelings for me from the very beginning?” asked Amorette. “Would you normally offer someone you worked on a place to stay with your sister? Are you this protective of everyone you care for as an EMT?”
“This was different,” Charlie started.
Amorette grabbed his hands. “It’s different because you’re under a spell. Had you not cut your palm with the arrow, then you would have dropped me off at the hospital and not given me a second thought. You definitely wouldn’t have offered me, a complete stranger, a place to stay or have looked after me the way you have. This is all due to the magic.”
Charlie stood. “I don’t believe you. There’s no such thing as magic and cupids are fat little babies with wings and heart shaped arrows … oh yeah, and they are also a mythical creature. These things don’t exist Amorette. I think you’re just mixed up because of what happened with Tris. It’s okay to be scared.”
Amorette stood to face him. She grabbed his head gently and placed her hands on each side of his head. “Close your eyes.”
Charlie did as she asked and Amorette closed her eyes, so she could concentrate. She shared all her memories of being a being a cupid with Charlie. She held nothing back knowing that it was the only way that Charlie would believe her.
The memories done, Amorette opened her eyes, dropped her hands, and stepped back to gauge Charlie’s reaction.
Charlie opened his eyes slowly and gazed at Amorette with astonishment. “It’s all true?”
Amorette nodded and hugged herself, tears falling on her cheeks. “Yes.”
“You used me,” Charlie said, his eyes narrowing. “You wanted to fall in love and you used me.”
“I didn’t mean to,” said Amorette.
“Don’t lie,” snapped Charlie. “You knew what you were doing when you pricked your finger with the arrow. You knew you were going to fall in love and you also knew that it might not last and the other person would be heartbroken. Anyone could have been the person you saw first … what if they were married? What if they had kids and a family? What if they were already in love with someone else? You can’t just play with people’s emotions like that. Especially, not with something as powerful as love.”
“I didn’t think about that,” confessed Amorette. “I’m so sorry Charlie. I realize I was very selfish.”
“Yes,” Charlie nodded. “Yes, you were.”
He walked toward the door.
“Where are you going?” asked Amorette, her heart leaping into her throat. She couldn’t stand to watch Charlie walk away. She wanted desperately to fix what she had broken and she couldn’t do that if Charlie left.
“I can’t be around you right now,” said Charlie. “I have to think.”
“Please, don’t go,” said Amorette. “I love you.”
“Do you?” asked Charlie with narrowed eyes, before he left the bar.

Amorette sat back down in the booth, laid her head on her folded arms, and sobbed. 

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