Friday, December 15, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 35

“No!” screamed Amorette, hoping Emma would hear and call the police.
Tris clamped his hand over her mouth as he assaulted her neck and chest with his lips. Amorette tried to fight but it was as if Tris had the strength of ten men and a million arms to hold her down. She closed her eyes and felt the tears stream down her cheeks. She prayed that Tris would feel them dropping on his hand and have a change of heart, but she feared he had no heart.
Her world began to swim and flashes of memories started to play in her mind. She saw Priya start the fight at the club with her arrow and remembered sitting with Gerwyn in the bar as he helped Todd with his dating game. She remembered being in the park and watching the couple having a picnic as she shot a golden arrow at them. She saw herself in the warehouse prick her finger with the arrow and Charlie’s hand graze the tip as he took it from her. Everything came rushing back at once, she was a cupid.
“I remember,” she mumbled as Tris’s hand slipped off her mouth. She opened her eyes and looked directly into Tris’s. “I remember everything.”
Before Tris had a chance to react his body went flying to the side. Amorette just saw a blur as something fell on top of Tris and started to punch. She blinked hard and realized it was Charlie.

Chapter 15

“Charlie!” Amorette screamed as Tris threw Charlie off and into the bar. Charlie wilted into the ground.
“We’re not done,” said Tris glaring at Amorette. He glanced at Charlie, “but it’ll have to wait until another day.”
He marched out the door.
Amorette flew to Charlie’s side. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” he said holding his side and wincing. “Maybe a bruised rib. Are you okay?”
Amorette nodded. “Thanks to you.”
“Who was that guy?” asked Charlie as Amorette helped him stand. “Where’s Emma?”
“It was Tris,” said Amorette, “Emma is upstairs. She had a headache and I told her I would finish up closing alone so she could go rest. I’m surprised she’s not down here. I was sure she would hear me yelling.”
Charlie shook his head. “When she gets those headaches the medicine makes her extremely sleepy. I bet she didn’t hear a thing. We need to call the police.”
“We can’t,” said Amorette with sagging shoulders. “They won’t be able to do anything.”
“Why not?” argued Charlie. “You know who he is and he just tried to …” Charlie thrust his hands through his hair unable to say the words.
“Because, I remember,” said Amorette. Her tears were flowing freely again. She knew she had to tell Charlie the whole truth, no matter the cost. It wouldn’t be fair to him otherwise. She led him to a nearby booth. “Remember when Gerwyn said I used to be magic and he was talking about the arrow?”
“Yeah,” said Charlie.

“I’m a cupid,” she said bluntly, “My job is to match couples and I do that with the help of a golden arrow. If I shoot two people with a golden arrow they will fall in love, they can’t help it, even if they aren’t a good match for each other. Tonight Tris had a black arrow. They are illegal where I’m from. Black arrows cause humans to fall in love with cupids, but tonight when Tris hit me with it, it didn’t work because I’m already under the spell of a golden arrow.”

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