Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 32

Cupids had rules and the number one rule was that they didn’t have relationships with mortals and never, under any circumstances, were they to fall in love with one. It was a relationship that was doomed from the beginning. Amorette had committed sin after sin, first by pricking herself with the arrow and second by falling in love with the mortal man.
Her mind flashed to Tris. His intended was kissing another man and breaking the laws of the cupid ways. She had to be stopped and Tris could not only stop her, but keep her from being thrown into the outer lands. As Amorette’s chosen, he could make her see sense and even if he didn’t, Priya would be there to mend his broken heart after Amorette was gone. 

Chapter 14

Amorette hummed as she cleaned the bar. It had been a long, busy night at The Whistle, but even though Amorette feet hurt, her heart still buzzed from the kiss she and Charlie had shared the night before. She couldn’t help but smile and her heart did a fun flip every time she thought about Charlie’s lips on hers. After their kiss, they had walked back through the crystal art, hand in hand, all the way back to The Whistle.
At the foot of the stairs leading up to Emma’s apartment, Charlie had kissed her again, very softly and told her goodnight. Amorette might not know what her past had been like, but she hoped her future had a copious amounts of Charlie. She couldn’t imagine never being able to kiss those lips again, hold his hand, or just gaze into his beautiful blue eyes.
“Hey Amorette, are you sure you don’t mind finishing the closing?” asked Emma as she came out of the office. “This headache seemed to come out of nowhere and hit me like a bat over the head, but I hate leaving you with this mess.”
“Really, I don’t mind,” said Amorette. “You just go upstairs and feel better. Leave the rest to me.”
Emma walked up and kissed her on the cheek. “You dear are a God send.”
As Emma went upstairs, Amorette started washing the collection of beer mugs, glasses, and shot glasses that had accumulated behind the bar during the rush.  She hadn’t lied when she said she didn’t mind cleaning the bar area alone. Emma’s wait staff had taken care of cleaning the floor and tables, so it wasn’t as much work as Emma seemed to think it was. Plus, Amorette’s feet might be tired, but her heart was singing and her mind raced with anticipation of seeing Charlie again. He had said he was only working a half-shift, but he had failed to mention when his half-shift ended.
The bell over the bar door jingled and Amorette twirled around, hoping it would be Charlie. She couldn’t imagine anyone else walking in at almost three is the morning, but the man who stared back at her wasn’t Charlie, even though he was familiar to her.
He glided across the floor towards her and Amorette couldn’t help but take a step back.
“Amorette, I’m so glad I found you,” said the man. “It’s me. You’re beloved.”
Amorette shook her head. “I’m sorry, you did seem familiar, but I don’t remember you.”
“I’m Tris. The man you’re to marry,” said Tris.

“Tris,” Amorette whispered. Gerwyn’s warning rang through her head as fear crept through her body. She took a step towards the stairs as Tris approached the bar. She wanted to scream for Emma, but she couldn’t find her voice. 

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