Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 31

“The next thing I know, I’m no longer getting wet,” said Sara, grabbing Harold’s arm. “I looked over and there sat Harold in the rain, holding his arm straight out so the umbrella would cover me. At that moment I forgot why I was mad.”
“And when she scooted next to me and slid her arms around me, I forgot why I was mad,” said Harold. “We just sat in the rain and held each other.”
“For about two minutes, then we smartened up and got out of the rain,” laughed Sara.
“What a wonderful story,” said Amorette. “I would love to be loved like that. It’s what I’ve always desired.”
“It is?” said Charlie, a rush in his voice.
She glanced at him and could feel her cheeks burning.
“You kids have a lot of time to love each other,” said Harold.
“Oh we’re not …,” started Amorette in a chorus with Charlie as he said, “We really just met …”
Harold and Sara laughed.
“Harold has a feeling about these things,” said Sara as she stood. She turned and helped Harold to his feet. “Trust in love, put each other first, and the rest will fall in place.”
“So nice to meet you,” said Amorette as couple said their goodbyes. She turned to Charlie and sipped her hot chocolate. “Do we need to head back to The Whistle?”
Charlie shook his head slightly. “Not yet.” He cocked his head. “Did you mean what you said … about having a love like Harold and Sara?”
Amorette looked into her hot chocolate and nodded. “I know you’re going to ask me if I remember anything, but I don’t. The minute I heard their story, I just knew that’s what I wanted … what I’ve always wanted.”
Charlie slid closer to her. “I wasn’t going to ask you about your memory. It’s just that …” He shook his head, smiled and looked away. “Never mind, forget it.”
Amorette laughed at his shyness. “No, tell me. Come on, I’ve just shared my greatest desire with you.”
He looked back at her, his lip curved just slightly into a sexy smile. “Because I had the same thought when I heard their story. I want someone to love me so much, they’ll hold the umbrella for me even though they’re getting soaked.”
He gently brushed Amorette’s hair behind her ear, and let his hand linger on her cheek. Amorette instinctively leaned into his palm and closed her eyes as skin tingled and her heart raced with anticipation. His touch was so warm and tender, she wanted to surrender her entire body to it. The light from the crystal droplets danced around them and Amorette felt as if she were kissing among the stars.
She looked at him from under her eyelashes and as he leaned forward, she met his advance. As their lips met, Amorette felt her body soar. The way his lips danced over hers made her feel intoxicated, as if she were falling but knew she could fly.
Charlie caressed her cheek with his thumb. “Wow… that was amazing.”

Priya watched from behind a large fern and narrowed her eyes. Amorette was kissing a mortal, not only was she kissing a mortal, Priya could tell they were falling in love, if not in love already.
Cupids had rules and the number one rule was that they didn’t have relationships with mortals and never, under any circumstances, were they to fall in love with one. It was a relationship that was doomed from the beginning. Amorette had committed sin after sin, first by pricking herself with the arrow and second by falling in love with the mortal man.

Her mind flashed to Tris. His intended was kissing another man and breaking the laws of the cupid ways. She had to be stopped and Tris could not only stop her, but keep her from being thrown into the outer lands. As Amorette’s chosen, he could make her see sense and even if he didn’t, Priya would be there to mend his broken heart after Amorette was gone. 

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