Thursday, November 9, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 29

Charlie gently put his hand over hers to stop her from cutting the vegetables and turned her to face him. He gently caressed her check and felt electricity buzz through his body at the touch of her skin.
“You are not a freak,” he said, again. “You are lovely, kind, friendly, and just about the most generous person I know. I’ve only known you a few days, but I’ve watched you make friends with strangers, win my sister over, and you’ve totally made me see things in another light. A brighter light, as if my future has purpose and you’re part of that purpose.”
He looked into her sky blue eyes and just wanted to dive into them … he wanted to dive into her.
The alarm went off on the oven notifying them that the oven was preheated and reminding Charlie that dinner still needed to be prepped.
He gave Amorette a smile. “We should probably get cutting or it’ll be midnight before we are able to eat and we’ll miss the art show.”
Amorette gave him a slight nod, before clearing her throat in what sounded like a sigh and turning back to her cutting board. Charlie instantly missed the touch of her skin on his and fought the urge to forget dinner, lift her onto the bar and just kiss her until both of their lips were raw with passion. Instead, he took a deep breath and turned back to his eggplant.  

Chapter 13

“I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a meal so scrumptious,” said Amorette as she and Charlie walked toward the outdoor art show. “Seriously Charlie how are you not a chef instead of an EMT.”
Charlie laughed. “Because the only thing I know how to make is ratatouille. Pretty sure a chef needs to have a lot more recipes up his sleeves than one dish.”
“Well it was wonderful!” She grabbed his hand and was thankful that he didn’t let go. Instead he intertwined his fingers with hers before gently kissing the back of her hand. Excitement rushed through her, starting at her hand and racing all the way to her toes before making her head spin with pleasure.
“Thank you,” said Charlie.
They approached the entrance to the art gallery’s private garden and Charlie handed over the tickets. As they stepped inside the terracotta walls that surrounded the garden, Amorette couldn’t help but gasp. Along the path delicate and colorful blow glass art lite up the garden and gave Amorette the feeling of walking in a fragile but wondrous fairy land made of glass.
“This is amazing,” she gasped.
“It really is,” said Charlie. “I definitely owe Emma one, this was her idea.”
“She does claim to be the smart one in the family,” Amorette teased.
Charlie gave her a sexy smirk. “Well, since I’m the one here with you and she’s the one at home with my parents, I would beg to differ. I believe I’m the smart one in the family.”
Amorette felt her heart pick up speed as she took in Charlie’s smirk. Until now he had been almost distant, his goal to protect her, but at this moment she felt as if he were flirting with her.
They continued the rest of the tour of lighted glass art in silence. Stopping at each one to take it in and admire the craftsmanship that went into sculpting each piece and the beauty of it. The garden felt like a sacred place, void of the chaos and noise of the city.

As they came to the end of the tour, Amorette sighed. She wished she could spend all night in the magical feel of the garden. 

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