Friday, October 13, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 27

“Fine,” said Charlie, “I’ll teach Amorette how to cook ratatouille, but I can’t promise we’ll go to the art show.”
“Well, you better,” said Emma, “because I already purchased the tickets. They’re in the basket, too.”
Without another word, Emma walked over to Amorette and the two walked in the direction of The Whistle. Charlie looked down at his basket and silently cursed his little sister, but in the same breath he thanked her too.


Charlie couldn’t believe how nervous as he walked to The Whistle carrying the basket of produce to make the ratatouille. He had slept well enough with dreams of dancing with Amorette under the stars. He woke with a smile on his face and a pep in his step that seemed to fade the closer he got to the bar. During all their time together he had always felt calm, as if he could totally be himself around her. The difference, he knew, was the night Emma had planned, felt like a date.
He knew he shouldn’t get involved with Amorette, since he had no idea what she had gotten herself into with the arrow, but he just couldn’t help himself. It was like some unknown force was pushing him towards her, and he was thankful for it. He hadn’t let his heart be open for a long time. He just hoped that he wouldn’t get hurt again.
He let himself into the bar using the security code and then walked up the back steps. His heart raced as he knocked on the door leading to the apartment. Amorette opened it wearing a smile and a ravishing red sundress that seemed to make her sky blue eyes twinkle with starlight.
“Wow,” said Charlie, feeling like a slob in his black V-neck tee and khakis. “You look amazing.”
“So do you,” said Amorette. “Come in.”
“Thanks,” said Charlie, feeling a bit bashful at the thought of being alone with Amorette. He licked his lips as he imagined taking her into his arms and kissing her. He shook the thought away. They were only friends and he was just teaching her how to make ratatouille. “Are you ready to cook?”
Amorette nodded. “I’m excited. I can’t remember having cooked anything before, so you’ll have to go easy on me.”
“Well, let’s get started,” said Charlie as he set the oven to preheat. He walked to his basket and pulled out a small jar. “Everyone thinks I cook a mean ratatouille, but this is actually the secret. It’s my mother’s homemade tomato basil paste. She does all the hard work and I get all the credit.”
Amorette laughed. “Well that doesn’t seem fair does it?”
Charlie got out two cutting boards and two chef’s knives. “I think she knows that’s the secret, but she’s letting me have my moment.”
“That’s very sweet of her,” said Amorette, taking the vegetables from the basket. “So what should I do?”
“I’ll start with the garlic, why don’t you just pick any vegetable, wash it and then cut it into thin slices,” said Charlie. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and tapped a few thing before showing Amorette a picture of a colorful ratatouille. “This is the image we’re going for.”
“That’s so pretty,” said Amorette.
She grabbed the squash and took it to the sink, washed it and then went to the cutting board as Charlie smashed the garlic clove with the side of his knife. Amorette placed the squash on the cutting board, Charlie noticed she was just staring at it.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
Amorette laughed. “I’m not sure how to cut it. I don’t think I’ve ever sliced vegetables before.”
Charlie smiled as he wiped his hands free of garlic. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you. There’s nothing to it.”

He walked behind her and placed his hands gently on hers. He could smell the scent of her shampoo, the cleanliness of soap mixed with something sweet, like jojoba. His body tingled as he leaned forward just a bit to look over her shoulder. Her ivory cheek next to his, just begging to be kissed. 

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