Friday, October 6, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 25

“Does that mean I’m magic?” asked Amorette.
“Not at this time,” answered Gerwyn.
“Not at this time?” Charlie slid out of the booth. “This is crazy.”
“I told you it wouldn’t make sense,” said Gerwyn, “but Charlie, there are things that go on in this world that are not seen by mortals.”
“Mortals?” Charlie looked down at Amorette and then to Gerwyn. “I think you need to go.”
“Wait,” said Gerwyn, looking at Charlie, “I understand this is all hard to understand. Do you believe that I am a friend of Amorette’s?”
Charlie glanced at Amorette, so she nodded. None of what Gerwyn was saying made sense to her, but for some reason she believed he was telling the truth. She didn’t feel Gerwyn was out to harm her. And for some other reason, every time the name Tris went through her head she felt nothing but dread.
“I know you are a friend,” said Amorette, reaching out to grab Gerwyn’s hand. As she touched it she felt the warmth of two good friends embracing.
Gerwyn smiled at her and gave her hand a gentle squeeze, before returning his attention to Charlie. “Just tell me where you found Amorette and I will do my best to fix this so that Tris cannot hurt her.”
Charlie shrugged. “She was found by a homeless man in an abandoned warehouse downtown, 143 16th Street. There was a mattress in the back office, I guess that’s where the homeless man lives, so maybe wait until morning to go.”
Gerwyn released Amorette’s hand and stood. He extended his hand and Charlie took it. “Thank you,” said Gerwyn, “not just for telling me where you found Amorette, but for keeping her safe. I’m glad it was you.”
Gerwyn raced as fast as he could to the warehouse Charlie had mentioned. The door was unlocked and Gerwyn slid through it before taking out his bow which made him invisible. He didn’t want to disturb the homeless man Charlie had mention, especially since the man had been instrumental in keeping Amorette safe from harm by calling the EMTs. Gerwyn knew it could have been way worse for Amorette had someone of lesser moral found her.
Quietly he worked his way through the empty warehouse and to the back office. The door to the office was open and displayed a worn mattress, with some tattered blankets. The homeless man was nowhere to be seen.
Gerwyn sheathed his bow and rummaged through the blankets. Finding nothing, Gerwyn sat on the bed and put his hands on his head.
Someone else had the arrow and until he found out who, Amorette was in tremendous danger.

Chapter 12

Charlie looked around the farmer’s market as Emma shopped. He had just pulled a double shift and all he wanted was to go catch a bit of shut eye and then see Amorette.
“Why am I here?” asked Charlie.
“Because I needed to talk to you before heading up to see Mom and Dad,” said Emma.
“You couldn’t just call?” asked Charlie.
Emma gave him an ornery smirk. “Well, I could have, but it’s a lot more fun to see you cranky at a farmer’s market. Come on, man, no one is cranky at a farmer’s market. It’s like you’re the Scrooge McDuck of produce.”
Charlie couldn’t help but laugh. “Okay, fine, I’ll stop being cranky. Now, what do you want to talk to me about?”
“Amorette,” said Emma as she purchased some yellow squash, zucchini and eggplant. “You’ve got to get her out of the apartment. She’s going stir crazy.”
Charlie shook his head. “I don’t think so. I want to wait until we hear from Gerwyn again.”
“You mean the guy you sent on a wild goose chase for a magical arrow that you already have? Who knows when he’ll be back. Why didn’t you just tell him you had it? The whole mystery surrounding Amorette could’ve been over.”
“I just want to be sure,” said Charlie.

“Which means, you just want more time with her,” said Emma. “I see the way you look at her.”

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