Friday, September 29, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 23

“Burned him!” Amorette felt furry course through her veins. Someone had physically hurt Charlie and all she wanted to do was find that person and make them pay. “Does he have scars?”
Emma laughed, making Amorette feel foolish.
“Oh, hun,” said Emma, “that’s just an expression. She didn’t physically burn him, but he does have scars on his heart from that relationship. You can’t see them, but they’re there.” Emma’s smile faded. “So, be care with his heart. It’s fragile.”
“What happened?” asked Amorette.
“The short story,” said Emma, “she broke his heart. He was going to ask her to marry him and one day he went back to their apartment to find she had moved all her stuff out. She didn’t even leave him a note. When he tried to call her number was changed and all his e-mails got bounced back as undeliverable. When he finally got a hold of her parents, and mind you at this point he just wanted to make sure she was okay, he had no interest in getting back in a relationship with her, they told him that she was fine. Their daughter just wanted a different life than what she had with Charlie. It was that simple.”
“Why didn’t she just tell Charlie that she wanted a different life?” asked Amorette.
Emma shrugged. “We’ll probably never know, but he’d guarded his heart for over five years now due to that relationship.” Emma gave Amorette a smile. “But you know, I’ve never seen him act like he does around you with other women. I think you’ve caused him to let his guard drop, so I repeat, please be careful with his heart.”

Chapter 11

Amorette’s feet hurt and her back was sore after a long night of helping Emma bartend. The Friday night crowd was even bigger than the Thursday special crowd. She had told Emma she would clean the bar while Emma took care of charging out the wait staff and tending to the books.
The bell over the door jingled causing Amorette to jump. She hadn’t heard the bell before being that The Whistle was usually full of music, laughter, and conversation.
“Sorry, we’re closed,” said Amorette as she looked up. A gasp escaped from her lips and her heart raced as she saw Gerwyn standing in the doorway, both hands up in a peaceful guesture.
“I’m not here to hurt you, Amorette,” he said in his rich bass voice. “We are friends.”
“I’d like to believe that,” said Amorette as she carefully put her wash cloth in the sink and reached under the bar for the bat that Emma had shown her. She meant what she said, but she wanted to be prepared in case her gut was wrong about Gerwyn being a friend.
“Can we talk?” he asked. “Without the bat. I know your friend Emma is in the back, along with the bar back. They can be in here in a matter of seconds if you yell for them, but you won’t need to.”
Amorette cocked her head as she let go of the bat. She grabbed two mugs and filled them with coffee before walking around the bar and gesturing for Gerwyn to sit at a booth near the window. She placed the coffees in front of them.
“So you like coffee now?” asked Gerwyn with a smile.
Amorette shrugged. “With enough cream and sugar.”

Gerwyn laughed and Amorette was warmed by the familiar sound. “I remember your laugh.”

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