Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 22

“I didn’t see her just now,” answered Amorette, “but I get the feeling that I disappointed her, no matter what she said to Charlie about mistaking me for someone else.” Amorette bit her lip. “I also have this gut feeling that I shouldn’t trust her.”
“Then we won’t, always trust the gut,” said Emma as she stood, “and my gut is saying it’s time for some coffee. Want some?”
“That would be nice,” said Amorette, unsure if she even liked coffee.
Amorette stood and followed Emma into the small kitchenette. She sat at the kitchen bar as Emma scooped coffee grounds into the black coffee maker.
“Could I ask you about Charlie?” asked Amorette as she nervously fidgeted with the white salt shaker that sat on the bar.
Emma shrugged. “Sure, I’ll tell you anything that’s already public information, but don’t go asking about his underwear or anything creepy, because A. I don’t know what kind of underwear he wears, B. he’s very protective of his privacy and so am I, and C. ew.”
Amorette laughed at Emma. She was so easy to talk to and completely understood that she wouldn’t betray her brother’s confidence.
“Has he been an EMT for long?” asked Amorette.
“About ten years, I think,” said Emma, grabbing two mugs from the cubbard, “but that’s not what you really want to know. Go ahead and ask me your real question and I’ll let you know whether I’m willing to answer it.”
Amorette could feel her cheeks flush with heat as Emma gave her a playful smirk. Emma filled the two mugs and carried them over to the bar, before going to the fridge to get out the creamer.
“Sugar’s in that bowl,” said Emma.
Not knowing exactly how she liked her coffee, Amorette watched Emma put two teaspoons of sugar in her mug, before topping it off with a little cream. Amorette doctored her coffee the same way and was amazed by the sweet, yet bitter drink.
“This is amazing,” she said.
Emma raised an eyebrow. “Had you never had coffee before?”
Amorette shrugged. “Not that I can remember.”
“Okay,” said Emma, taking a drink, “now spill, what do you really want to know about Charlie.”
Amorette looked at the bar and mumbled. “Is he married or does he have a girlfriend?”
“I knew it,” said Emma with a laugh. “You two totally dig each other.”
“Does that mean he’s not seeing anyone?” asked Amorette, feeling as if her whole face was red with both embarrassment and excitement.
“Charlie is currently single,” answered Emma. “In fact, he hasn’t had a girlfriend that I know of, in a long time. His last girlfriend really burned him, so he hasn’t walked back into the fire.”
“Burned him!” Amorette felt furry course through her veins. Someone had physically hurt Charlie and all she wanted to do was find that person and make them pay. “Does he have scars?”
Emma laughed, making Amorette feel foolish.

“Oh, hun,” said Emma, “that’s just an expression. She didn’t physically burn him, but he does have scars on his heart from that relationship. You can’t see them, but they’re there.” Emma’s smile faded. “So, be care with his heart. It’s fragile.”

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