Friday, September 22, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 21

The arrow flashed in Charlie’s mind. He let go of Amorette and hustled out of the bar. He barreled through the front door and scanned the street looking for Priya, his gut telling him Priya could unlock the mystery of where Amorette belonged.

Chapter 10

Amorette watched as Emma sat across from her on the floor. Emma took a deep breath, crisscrossed her legs, and placed her hands palm up on her knees.
“Okay, Amorette,” said Emma, softly, “we’re going to try some meditation to see if relaxing and letting your mind free flow will help you remember who you are,” She took a deep breath. “Close your eyes and only listen to the sound of my voice. Block everything out.  Deep breathe in through the nose … good … now release slowly. Keep breathing deep as you relax your shoulders. Now as you breathe, I want you picture yourself on the beach at night. Don’t picture the water, just listen to the waves as they crash along the shore. Breathe in as they roll along the sea, breathe out as they crash onto the shore. You’re doing great.”
“While continuing to breathe deeply, think about the first time you met Charlie.”
Amorette smiled as Charlie’s blue eyes came into focus in her mind’s eye.
“Good,” said Emma, “keep breathing deeply. In … and out … in … and out. You’re doing great. Now take that picture of Charlie and start to rewind your memories. Concentrate on what happened right before Charlie.”
As Charlie’s face faded in Amorette’s mind she saw only blackness. Her heart sank as she thought the exercise had failed, but then a gold arrow came into focus. She knew the arrow was special, but wasn’t sure why. She continued to breathe deeply trying to get the area around the arrow to come into focus. She wanted to see her surroundings.
Colors started to surround the arrow and her pulse quickened as she thought might see a glimpse of her past, but instead of a scene coming into focus all she saw were hearts. Millions of hearts bounced around behind the arrow. So many Amorette thought she’d grow dizzy if she continued to watch them bounce around the frame of her mind.
Just as she thought she might be sick, the hearts stopped and Amorette saw the man who had talked to her in the park. She searched for his name. What had he said? She remembered his name was Gerwyn. In her mind’s eye she saw Gerwyn sitting next to her at a table in a cozy bar. He was smiling at her and Amorette couldn’t help but feel a true sense of kindship.
She loved this man, but not in a romantic way. Her mind flashed a word … family.
Amorette opened her eyes and gasped.
“What?” asked Emma, hurrying to her side to wrap an arm around her. “Are you okay? What did you see?”
“I saw Gerwyn,” said Amorette.
“Who?” Emma asked.
“The man from the park,” explained Amorette. “I saw an arrow, then hearts and then I saw Gerwyn smiling at me as we sat in a booth at a cozy bar.”
“So is he your husband? Lover?” asked Emma.
Amorette shook her head. “No, I got the sense he was more like family.”
“Then why didn’t he tell Charlie that at the park? If he’s family, why did he run from you and Charlie? Why didn’t he help you?”
“I don’t know,” said Amorette. “I mean, he said he was going to help me by finding the arrow.”
“Okay,” said Emma with a nod, “at least we know he is a friend. What about the woman at the bar? Priya? Do you remember her now?”
Amorette dropped her head. She got a sense from the woman at the bar, but it was that Amorette had wronged her or let her down.
“I didn’t see her just now,” answered Amorette, “but I get the feeling that I disappointed her, no matter what she said to Charlie about mistaking me for someone else.” Amorette bit her lip. “I also have this gut feeling that I shouldn’t trust her.”

“Then we won’t, always trust the gut,” said Emma as she stood, “and my gut is saying it’s time for some coffee. Want some?”

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