Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 19

Eros came out carrying the arrow, loosely covered in burlap. “Here it is, just as the lady left it.”
“Thank you,” said Charlie. “Hey, you don’t happen to know anything about this arrow? Like where it came from? It might be the key to helping Amorette find out who she really is.”
Eros shook his head. “I’m afraid I can’t say.” He lifted the arrow toward Charlie. “What I can say is, that what doesn’t cut can still have vast consequences.”
“I will take that into consideration,” Charlie said as he took the arrow from Eros, even though he was puzzled by the statement. It was nice to meet you Eros. Thank you for taking care of the arrow.”
“Thank you for taking care of the girl,” said Eros. “She’s a special one.”
Before Charlie could say another word, Eros turned and started back to his bed. Charlie let himself out and shook his head at the conversation. Between Armorette’s situation and the conversation with Eros, his day was beyond weird.
He pulled out his phone, feeling his overnight shift starting to catch up with him, and texted his sister: GOING HOME TO CATCH SOME SLEEP. BE BACK SOON. TEXT ME IF YOU NEED ME.


After getting some good sleep, Charlie entered The Whistle and wasn’t surprised to see it packed. It was a Thursday night and Emma offered half-off beers on tap to any police officer, firefighter, EMT, or service men and women. What did surprise him was to find Amorette working behind the bar.
She wore a black tank top and jean shorts that showed her super model like figure. A crowd of young police officers crowded around her spot at the bar, telling jokes and trying to win her attention.
Charlie tucked the arrow under his arm, hurried through the crowd and around the bar. He gently grabbed Emma by the arm and pulled her to the back storage room.
“What is she doing out there?” he demanded. “That is not laying low!”
“My other bartender called in sick tonight and Amorette offered to help, because I’m helping her,” explained Emma. “I took her up on it. Seemed like a fair trade to me.”
“And what if someone looking for that arrow comes in here and sees her?” countered Charlie. “If the wrong people figure out where she’s at, then neither one of you is safe.”
“You’re overreacting.” Emma folded her arms. “The bar is full of cops, firefighters and EMTs. Do you really think some thug is going to come here on the off chance he might find Amorette here? Anyone looking to lay low with law enforcement is not going to come snooping around here. Besides, she’s really good at this bartending thing and it’s the first time I’ve seen her relax since she got here this morning. She enjoys helping others, even if it’s slinging beers, so chill.”
“Then word gets out about the hot blonde working at The Whistle,” said Charlie, “and more and more people come and in and the word starts to spread. Like I said, it’s not laying low. I need time to figure this out and I’m afraid Amorette is going to get hurt. She has no memories of her past and that’s easy to take advantage of.”

Emma gave him a smirk. “Well, Charlie Spencer if I didn’t know better, I’d say you have a crush on Amorette.” Her smile widened. “Or is it more than that? Could it be love at first sight?”

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