Friday, September 8, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 18

Emma rolled her eyes. “The woman is sleeping in my apartment, I had better be okay with being alone with her. Go, we’re fine.”
Charlie gave her a final wave before walking out the door. He headed back to the fire station, where he had left his car. He’d need it if he was going to go back downtown to the warehouse where he had first met Amorette and if luck was on his side, the arrow would still be there.

Chapter 9

In the light of day the warehouse where Amorette was found didn’t look as menacing as it did that night. It looked like a place that had been dealt a bad economic hand, but still worked hard to hold its head up.
Charlie knew that the front door wasn’t locked. The homeless man who had found Amorette had told him that when he and his EMT partner Greg arrived on the scene. Charlie wondered if he should knock, after all the homeless man considered the building his home.
He pulled the door open and said, “Hello?”
He stepped on in and waited to see if anyone answered back. His heart raced as he hoped the homeless man would be as nice as he had before and that he still had the arrow.
“Hello,” said the homeless man as he walked through the big warehouse from the office, where Charlie knew he slept, “You’re that EMT fella aren’t you?”
“I am,” said Charlie with a smile. He reached out his hand. “I’m Charlie Spencer.”
The homeless man shook it. “People call me Eros.”
“Eros?” Charlie titled his head.
Eros smiled. “Roman mythology, I never really cared for my given name, Ernie. So when I started my life, I changed my name. I’d rather be a god of love, then Ernie.” He pronounced his given name with such disdained, Charlie could help but smile.
“Understandable,” said Charlie.
“How’s the girl?” asked Eros.
“She’s good,” said Charlie, “except for she can’t remember anything from before she fell asleep on your bed. Had you met her before?”
Eros shook his head. “I meet a lot of people, it’s hard to say, but that is the first time I met her here.”
“Okay,” Charlie said slowly.
“Is she being taken care of?” asked Eros. “I mean, did she have some place to go? Some family to take care of her?”
Charlie shook his head. “No family, but I found her a safe place.”
“I knew you would,” said Eros.
“Excuse me?” Charlie narrowed his eyes.
Eros waved him off. “It’s just that I could tell you would make sure she was well taken care of. That is your job as an EMT, correct?”
Charlie relaxed a little. “Yeah, I mean, kind of.”
“Does she want her arrow?” asked Eros. “I’ve kept it safe for her.”
Charlie let out a sigh of relief. “Actually, that’s why I’m here.”
“Why didn’t she come get it herself?” asked Eros. “Seems the kind of thing, she wouldn’t want to lose track of.”
“She’s resting,” answered Charlie. “She’s so overwhelmed, you know with the memory loss, that I thought I’d do her a favor and come and get it.”
“That’s really nice of you,” said Eros. “I’ll be right back.”
Charlie rubbed his hands over his face. He hated that he had semi-lied to Eros. The man was being beyond nice and deserved the truth. If Charlie was being completely honest, he’d admit that he didn’t really know what the truth was.
Eros came out carrying the arrow, loosely covered in burlap. “Here it is, just as the lady left it.”
“Thank you,” said Charlie. “Hey, you don’t happen to know anything about this arrow? Like where it came from? It might be the key to helping Amorette find out who she really is.”

Eros shook his head. “I’m afraid I can’t say.” He lifted the arrow toward Charlie. “What I can say is, what doesn’t cut can still have vast consequences.”

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