Friday, September 1, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 16

Amorette followed Emma into a small room. A large desk sat against one wall and the daybed flanked the opposite wall. A window just over the desk looked out onto what used to be the train tracks, but now boasted a small flower garden.
“So here it is,” said Emma. “There’s a closet over there for your stuff. Should be plenty of room to hang your clothes.”
“I don’t have anything,” said Amorette, opening her empty hands as if to prove the point and she couldn't help but feel ashamed that all she had was the clothes on her back.
Emma’s mouth twisted. “I guess I didn’t think about that. Don’t worry I’ll have my friend brings some stuff from her thrift shop. We’ll get you squared away, until then I’ll get you a t-shirt and some shorts to sleep in and we’ll get your clothes washed. I’ll be right back.”
Emma exited the room, leaving Amorette alone with Charlie.
“I’m going to let you get some rest and I’ll be back later to check on you, okay?” said Charlie.
Amorette could feel his hesitation to leave and had her own hesitations about being alone in a strange house, but at the moment all she really wanted was some sleep.
“That’s fine,” she answered.
Emma came in with the clothes. “I’ve got to meet the maintenance man downstairs here in a bit, so I’ll just be working down there so I don’t disturb you. Come down when you feel rested. Oh, and throw those clothes in the living room and I’ll toss them in the washer. Charlie, let’s give her some privacy.”
It didn’t take Amorette long to change into the pajamas Emma had loaned her. She placed her clothes in a neat pile just outside the door and then crashed onto the daybed. She didn’t even bother with the covers, the sleep came on too fast.

Chapter 8

Charlie poured himself a fresh cup of coffee while Emma showed the maintenance man what she needed fixed in the back room. She came in and poured her own cup of coffee.
“What’s going on Charlie?” she asked.
“What do you mean?” he asked back, knowing full well she was about to grill him on Amorette.
“Amorette seems nice enough,” Emma started as they walked around the bar to take a seat at one of the booths. “I have no trouble letting her stay here, but why are you getting involved? This isn’t like you and seems really unorthodox for an EMT to take in someone he’s treated. Could you get into trouble for having Amorette stay with me?”
Charlie shook his head. “No, there’s no rules about me helping someone out until they get back on their feet.”
“But is that all this is?” asked Emma.
“Honestly, I don’t know,” said Charlie. “I think Amorette needs to lay low. I saw a guy talking to her in the park and when I confronted him, he took off. I think it has to do with this arrow that she had with her when we found her. I don’t know how she got a hold of it, but that guy wanted it.”
“An arrow?” Emma raised her eyebrows. “Like a bow and arrow? Like Robin Hood?”
Charlie shook his head. “It was thicker around the base and was painted gold.”
“Do you think it was made of gold?” asked Emma.
Again Charlie shook his head. “No, I took it from Amorette and it was much to light to be real gold. Seemed more like an art project, than a weapon, but the arrow at the end was sharp. I could have sworn I cut my hand on it, but there wasn’t even a scratch.”

“Charlie,” Emma said softly, “you need to go to the police…” She paused for a moment, swallowed hard and then continued. “And you need to realize that Amorette might be lying to you.”

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