Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 15

Charlie punched in a code on the keypad just above the door handle and Amorette heard the bolt unlatch. “Emma has a state-of-the-art security system, but it’s a pretty safe neighborhood anyway. None of Emma’s patrons are particularly rowdy. They’re mostly firefighters, cops and EMTs. You’ll be safe here.”
Charlie opened the door and motioned for Amorette to go in. She walked past him, catching the scent of his aftershave. It smelled of the forest right after a light rain. She closed her eyes to memorize the scent as she pictured Charlie standing at the brink of a waterfall surrounded by the tree covered mountains.
“Good morning,” came an airy voice.
Amorette opened her eyes, leaving her fantasy behind and smiled at the young woman who was approaching her. The woman had dark blonde hair, cut chin length that fell in natural waves giving the woman tousled look that made her look both edgy and gorgeous.  
Charlie stepped forward and gave the woman a hug. “Good morning, Emma. Thanks for doing this.” He stepped back and gestured to Amorette. “Emma this is Amorette. Amorette this is my baby sister, Emma.”
Emma gave him a playful shove. “I haven’t been a baby in a long time.”
She looked at Amorette, her green eyes playful. “It’s nice to meet you, Amorette, even under these really odd circumstances.”
“I’m just so thankful to have a place to stay where Charlie says I’ll be safe until I remember who I am,” said Amorette. “You’re extremely generous to let me stay here, just know I’m grateful.”
Amorette could feel her eyes growing heavy. It was an odd sensation and one she wasn’t sure she had felt before.
“Are you okay?” asked Charlie, hurrying by her side.
“I have the weirdest feeling,” said Amorette. “It’s like I can’t keep my eyes open.”
“When was the last time you slept?” asked Emma, her playful look growing into one of concern.
Amorette shook her head. “I’m not sure.”
“Then it’s been too long,” said Emma. “Charlie, help her upstairs and I’ll show you where you’re sleeping. We can get to know each other after you’ve rested.”
Amorette’s legs started to feel as heavy as her eyes, but she forced herself to walk. She wanted to be close to Charlie, but she didn’t want him to lift her up like a damsel in distress either.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were so tired?” asked Charlie. He stayed close by her side as they started up the stairs.
“Because I’ve never felt tired before,” said Amorette. “I didn’t know what it was.”
Charlie gave her an odd look. “You’ve never felt tired?”
Amorette shrugged. “Not that I’m aware of, but as we both know, I’m aware of very little right now.”
Charlie let out a low chuckle. “I had no idea amnesia also blocked out natural functions like feeling tired.”
“Guess we’re both learning something new,” said Amorette.
They followed Emma into a large apartment. “As you can see the kitchen is here and the living room is there. My bedroom is just down that short hall. I’m afraid you’ll be sleeping in my office, but there’s a pretty comfy daybed in there. Bathroom is right next to it.”
Amorette followed Emma into a small room. A large desk sat against one wall and the daybed flanked the opposite wall. A window just over the desk looked out onto what used to be the train tracks, but now boasted a small flower garden.
“So here it is,” said Emma. “There’s a closet over there for your stuff. Should be plenty of room to hang your clothes.”

“I don’t have anything,” said Amorette, opening her empty hands as if to prove the point and she couldn't help but feel ashamed that all she had was the clothes on her back.

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