Friday, July 28, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 14

Charlie swung around as if to call for Gerwyn, but as Amorette followed his gaze it was as if Gerwyn had disappeared again. He was nowhere in sight.
“If he knows you then why did he leave?” asked Charlie.
“He said I was in trouble and I needed to stay out of sight,” explained Amorette. “He said he had to find the arrow to fix it.”
“Okay,” said Charlie, “I’ve arrange for you to stay with my sister. You’ll be safe there, until I can figure out what to do about all this. Do you have any idea what this trouble is about? You had an arrow in the warehouse, but it didn’t look like much. Could it be antique or something?”
Amorette shrugged. She really wanted to help him, but she didn’t remember the arrow. As far as she could tell, she didn’t know anything about antiques. “I’m sorry, Charlie, I don’t know.”
“Think hard, Amorette,” said Charlie grabbing her gently by the shoulders. “I need to know the truth. Did you steal the arrow from someone? Was it on the black market? I have to know who we’re dealing with so I take care of you.”
Amorette could see the concern in his eyes and knew he wasn’t coming from a place of anger, but anguish. Closing her eyes she tried to think past the moment she stared into his blue eyes, but it was as if everything before that moment was shrouded in a black cloak. The memories just beyond what she could see through the thick fabric.
She shook her head. “I would tell you if I could, honestly Charlie, but I wouldn’t steal from anyone and I don’t know anything about the black market. I feel it in my gut that I used to help people and maybe that’s why I’m drawn to you, since you help people, too. I know we just met, but I feel I can trust you with everything. I understand that sounds really weird, and maybe desperate, but you’re the only thing I actually know right now.”
Charlie nodded and dropped his hands from her shoulders. Amorette felt colder as his touch faded.
“I believe you, and you don’t sounds weird or desperate.” He looked around the park. “Let’s get going, Emma will be waiting for us.”

As they walked, Charlie’s brain reeled trying to figure out what was going on with Amorette. He really did believe her when she said that she couldn’t remember, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that Amorette had gotten herself mixed up with some very bad people, even if inadvertently.
Maybe she had taken the arrow to help someone get out of trouble or to give it to the proper owners? The more Charlie thought about the arrow, the more he knew it was the key to whatever was putting her in danger.
Charlie looked over his shoulder and searched the crowded street for Gerwyn. It would be easy for him to hide among all the people headed to work and the last thing Charlie wanted to do was lead the trouble straight to Amorette and Emma. He’d never forgive himself if he put either one of them in danger.

Chapter 7

Charlie stopped at an old two-story adobe building. Amorette took a step back to take it in. It was painted a cream color with copper color enhancing all the trim around the door frame and windows. A large wooden awning, in the same copper, covered the doorway giving off an abundance of shade with two simple words over the door, The Whistle. The building had a vintage vibe, but Amorette could tell it was well taken care of.   
“This is where your sister lives?” asked Amorette.
“Well, she owns the bar on the ground floor and then lives on the second,” explained Charlie. “It used to be an old train station, but the city took out the tracks about ten years ago when they closed the line. Emma got the property for a steal from the city. Everyone expected it to just be torn down, but Emma saw potential and made it work. Wait until you see the bar, it was made from some of the old railroad ties.”

Charlie punched in a code on the keypad just above the door handle and Amorette heard the bolt unlatch. “Emma has a state-of-the-art security system, but it’s a pretty safe neighborhood anyway. None of Emma’s patrons are particularly rowdy. They’re mostly firefighters, cops and EMTs. You’ll be safe here.”

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