Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 13

“Whatever she steals, you replace,” stated Emma and Charlie felt himself relax.
“It won’t come to that, but if it does, then I’ll replace anything that goes missing,” answered Charlie.
“Fine,” said Emma, “I’m missing a pair of Ashby ankle boots by Rag and Bone. Rumor has it they can be found at Lola’s Boutique on 34th.”
“Are you really extorting me?” asked Charlie, rolling his eyes. His sister had an expensive taste in shoes.
“Are you really asking me to let a total stranger sleep in my home at six in the morning?”
“Fine,” said Charlie. “We’ll be there between seven-thirty and eight and I’ll have to get your shoes later. Lola’s doesn’t open until nine.”
“I trust you, Charlie, if I didn’t, boots or no boots, your friend would be out of luck.”

Chapter 6

Amorette sat on top of picnic table under a large oak tree and watched the early morning runners and walkers. Very few people were just out for a stroll she noticed. It seemed they were all in a hurry to get those calories burned and be done with their morning exercise routine.
A handsome man with dark skin approached her. Amorette felt a twinge of recognition, but she couldn’t place his face or name.
“I’ve been looking all over for you,” said the man.
“Do you know me?” Amorette asked, her heart racing. Maybe she would finally know who she was, other than her name, and where she came from. This man could possibly put the pieces together for her.
“Of course I do,” said the man, cocking his head. “Amorette, what have you …?”
His eyes widened as he seemed to come to a conclusion. He reached behind his back and then suddenly the man disappeared.
Amorette gasped as the man reappeared.
“Wow, how did you do that?” she asked. “That was amazing, one second you were here and then you were gone.”
“What did you do?” the man asked with narrow eyes. “Did you prick yourself with the arrow?”
“An arrow?” Amorette shook her head. “All I can remember is waking up in a warehouse and then Charlie took me to the hospital. Can you tell me who my family is? Do you know anyone I can get a hold of?”
“I’m your family,” said the man. “I’m Gerwyn, we’ve been friends for cent…”
“Good,” said Amorette, relief washing over her body, “then you can take me home.”
Gerwyn shook his head and then rubbed hands over his face. “Okay, okay, we can fix this, but Amorette you can’t let Tris find you. You need to hide until I can find the arrow.”
“Who is Tris?” asked Amorette as she folded her arms. “Gerwyn, I just want to go home. Give me the address and I’m sure Charlie will take me there. I’m sure my family will want to meet the man who saved me, right? You’re acting so strange. I’m sure my family is worried about me. I’ve been missing for at least two days.”
Gerwyn glanced over her shoulder and then leaned in close. “Listen, Amorette, I am the only family you have. I can’t explain it right now, but you’re in trouble … big trouble. But I can fix it, if I can find the arrow. Where is the warehouse, Amorette? Is it by the bar we were at a few nights ago? Think hard,” he demanded, grabbing her shoulders. “Tell me where the arrow is and let me fix this before it’s too late.”
“Hey!” came a voice from behind her and Amorette knew instantly that it was Charlie.
“Hey, let go of her,” ordered Charlie.
“Stay hidden,” Gerwyn whispered. “I will find the arrow and then I’ll find you. I’ll fix this Amorette, just stay hidden.”
“I said, let her go,” said Charlie as he ran up.
Gerwyn raised his hand. “I don’t want any trouble. I’m leaving.”
Charlie turned to face Amorette, his eyes wild with panic. “Are you okay?”
“Yes,” answered Amorette, “but that man, Gerwyn, he says he knows me. He was talking about an arrow.”
Charlie swung around as if to call for Gerwyn, but as Amorette followed his gaze it was as if Gerwyn had disappeared again. He was nowhere in sight.
“If he knows you then why did he leave?” asked Charlie.
“He said I was in trouble and I needed to stay out of sight,” explained Amorette. “He said he had to find the arrow to fix it.”

“Okay,” said Charlie, “I’ve arrange for you to stay with my sister. You’ll be safe there, until I can figure out what to do about all this.”

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