Friday, June 23, 2017

Give Me Love ~ Part 9

She looked at the arrow and her heart ached. She just wanted a little bit of love, just a taste. Her mind raced with excuses she could use to justify her actions with the elders and then it hit her. She would use Tris.
He was a powerful cupid and the elders wanted to keep him happy. He had made it very clear that she would make him happy. She would find her love in the world of the mortals and when it was over she would promise to couple with Tris. He would have his cherubs to carry on his bloodline and she would only be banished to a life with Tris instead of in the outer world.
Before she could change her mind, Amorette reached up and pricked the tip of her finger with the golden arrow. A thick red drop of blood oozed out of the wound and Amorette felt her head spin as she fell back onto the mattress and the world went dark.

Chapter 4

Thoughts of a barren wasteland filled Amorette’s mind. She felt as if she were swimming through a pool of drabby grey clouds.
“Miss?” A voice filled her head and she fought to find the source.
“Come on Miss, that’s it, just open your eyes,” the voice continued to speak in a gentle voice, like a father trying to wake his child from a nasty nightmare. “You’re okay, Miss. Just open your eyes.”
Amorette squinted her eyes open and was met with a dazzling pair of blue eyes. Her heart leapt for joy as a euphoria wash over her in a wave of warmth and excitement.
This is love, she thought, but her head seemed to swim in a turbulent sea as pain rushed through her temples. She felt drunk and hungover at the same time.
“Miss?” fingers snapped at her and she focused back onto the dazzling blue eyes. The warmth came back and the headache faded, but the drunk sensation stayed.
“I love you,” said Amorette, reaching up to caress his cheek. “Let’s have babies.”
The man looked over and Amorette followed his gaze to what looked to be a homeless man.
“What’s she on?” asked the blue-eyed man to the homeless man.
“I don’t know,” said the homeless man. “I just found her sleeping on my bed like Goldilocks and thought I better call the EMTs.”
“It’s cupid’s arrow,” answered Amorette, reaching up to caress the blue-eyed EMT’s cheek. “We’re destined for love.”
The EMT looked to his partner this time. “Cupid’s Arrow? Is that a new street name for ecstasy or something, Greg?”
Greg shrugged. “I’ve never heard of it, Charlie. We should take her in. No telling what the new drug is laced with.”
Charlie nodded and looked at Amorette. “Can you tell me your name?”
“Mrs. Charlie,” she said with a giggle.
He smiled and let out a chuckle himself, “All right Mrs. Charlie, we’re going to get you onto the gurney and take you to the hospital.” He looked down at the arrow, Amorette still clung in her hand. “But you’re going to have to leave that prop here, we don’t allow anything sharp in the rig.”
He reached for it and Amorette instinctively jerked it away, causing the tip of arrow to slice Charlie’s palm. Charlie flung his hand back and looked at it as if expecting to see a cut or blood, upon finding no wounds, he looked at Amorette.

Her head began to swirl again as Charlie stared at her. For just a moment they were the only two people in the room and Amorette had to fight the urge to reach up and kiss him.

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